John Cena reveals that he's willing to have surgery to give Nikki Bella a child

John Cena reveals that he's willing to have surgery to give Nikki Bella a child

Since announcing that he and Nikki Bella were calling off their engagement, much has been made of John Cena's emotional side. The wrestler and his diva beau called off their wedding after getting engaged at last year's Wrestlemania, citing John's refusal to settle down and give Nikki the life that she so desperately required.

However, while the couple's statement at the end of their relationship seemed to put an end to it for good, Cena appeared on the Today Show to say that he was still hoping that they might be able to rekindle their romance.

"It’s been up and it’s been down... I had my heart broken out of nowhere... And anyone who has experienced that knows that it comes with a series of bad feelings. But I’ve looked at myself every day and I’ve tried to evaluate myself and the woman that I love...

"I still love Nicole, I still would love to marry Nicole, I still would love to have a family with Nicole. There was an unfortunate set of circumstances where our relationship ended. There’s been a lot of speculation recently about me being seen in public, and everyone’s been like, 'Oh John Cena’s enjoying the single life.' No, I was supposed to be married and have a honeymoon over these two weeks. I am in my house alone surrounded by these emotionally strong memories."

But, while Nikki and her sister said John was being tentative when it came to planning the wedding and their family life, on this week's episode of Total Bellas, the wrestler said that he would do anything he could to give Nikki a child. "I wanna marry you and relationships and marriage especially is about sacrifice, and I will make that sacrifice for you. I will give you a child," he said while they were at a candlelit dinner talking about their relationship.

"But you have the..." Nikki said, implying that there was a physical reason John couldn't become a father.

"I know. I physically can't have kids," he said. "So, I'm also telling you that I'm willing to have surgery and then still go through with being a dad."

Of course, the episode was more than likely filmed a while ago, so isn't reflective of their situation in the present day. In fact, just this weekend, Nikki took to Instagram to explain that she and John are just good friends and that they're going through "a hard time." The diva also clapped back at critics who have implied that the break-up was simply for publicity, saying that their issues are very real.

And earlier in June, Nikki's sister Brie told E! News that the two weren't officially back together. "They're working on it," the Total Bellas star told E! News. "They need time. They really need time to think about their futures and about what they want. And it's been really hard on them both."

So, there is another twist in this never-ending saga. Are John Cena and Nikki Bella getting back together? Who knows anymore!