Johnny Depp cancels his upcoming press conferences amid illness rumours

Johnny Depp cancels his upcoming press conferences amid illness rumours

Whilst he is set to star in five upcoming films, it would be safe to say that the past few years have been particularly hard in the career of Johnny Depp.

Whether it's the allegations of domestic abuse towards ex-wife Amber Heard that have affected his public image, or starring in flops such as The Lone Ranger and Transcendence, the Johnny Depp bandwagon seems to be slowing to a halt.

However, despite much of the public turning on the much-maligned 55-year-old, Depp still has his fans, and they are concerned about their idol.

Recent images of the Pirates of The Caribbean actor show him looking gaunt and worryingly slim. Such is the attention that the photos have attracted, Depp has cancelled all of his press conferences.

The star was pictured with fans in Russia and people were quick to flock to social media to speculate whether he was ill or just preparing for a new role in an upcoming film. However, despite the concerns, sources close to the star told the Daily Mail that the actor is "in good health."

Despite this, Time Magazine reports that questions from a German journalist about his "gaunt" appearance have caused "panic among the larger Depp camp," leading to all public appearances to be cancelled.

The actor is set to star in the film Richard Says Goodbye, a movie in which he will be playing a man who decides to live wildly after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. It's possible that Depp has adopted the look for the role, with him being pictured looking a bit more like himself when playing with his band.

The actor is currently on tour with The Hollywood Vampires, a supergroup comprised of Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. The band have been selling out arenas and Depp recently spoke about his new job as a rock star. In an interview with the Guardian, Depp said: "My day job is a completely different animal, I suppose. What do I get from this that I normally don't get? I get me!"

He added: "But when I'm up there on stage with these guys, it's that feeling I had as a kid. It's freedom. In movies, someone is always telling you what to do, but here I have the freedom that my day job doesn't allow. Most important, it's really f***ing fun."

However, despite his life of excess and extravagance, Depp is well aware of his own mortality and how lucky he is to be alive after brushes with addiction and substance use.

“What separates survivors from the guys that die?" he asked.

“It’s just about having the right people around you, people who care about you, at the right time, to save you from yourself. It’s not a good thing to face on your own, but some people do. Really, it’s just luck."

Hollywood Vampires are currently on their European tour and are set to play Wembley Arena on June 20.