Jonah Hill reveals the devastating impact of being called 'fat and gross' when he became famous

Jonah Hill reveals the devastating impact of being called 'fat and gross' when he became famous

If there's one thing every human in the world has in common, it's insecurity. Fortunately for most of though, we don't have to live it out with the eyes of the entire world on us.

Jonah Hill, on the other hand, hasn't been so lucky. The Superbad actor recently opened up about how his self-esteem took a serious hit when he became famous, due to consistent scrutiny about his appearance.

Speaking on the Ellen Degeneres Show, the 34-year-old claimed that he only recently began to understand the impact of being labeled "fat", "gross" and "unattractive" when he was a teenager.

He said: "I became famous in my late teens and then spent most of my young adult life listening to people say that I was fat and gross and unattractive. And it’s only in the last four years writing and directing my movie, Mid90s, that I’ve started to understand how much that hurt and got into my head."

Continuing, he stated: "I really believe everyone has a snapshot of themselves from a time when they were young that they’re ashamed of. For me, it’s that 14-year-old overweight and unattractive kid who felt ugly to the world, who listened to hip-hop and who wanted so badly to be accepted by this community of skaters."

As a result of his lack of self-confidence, Jonah recently guest-edited a magazine published by film company A-24, which focuses on self-love, looking especially at young people who are struggling to accept themselves.

Naming it as a "companion piece to Mid90s", a 2018 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film he wrote that also marks his directorial debut, Jonah said:  "To me, this movie is about learning to love yourself and finding a community of people who accept you, and how imperfect life is."

The actor, whose fluctuating weight has been a subject of intense media scrutiny, added: "It took a long time ― honestly, until right now ― for me to come out as the person, artist, mind, what I represent, how I feel, how I’d like to be spoken to, how I speak to the world in a way that actually represents who I am as a person as opposed to me trying to be something else that I’m not. I’m under construction like we all are."

In addition, the Maniac star also revealed he dedicated the magazine edition to himself when he was young.

"For this magazine, I asked 12 people I respect and admire if they relate to this in their own way and how they've learned to love themselves," he said. "The interviews are all set around the question: what is that snapshot for you. They turn into some of the most meaningful conversations I've ever had, I hope you enjoy this magazine," he said.

We can already tell we're going to love it, Jonah. Well done on speaking out on an issue close to your heart.