Justin Bieber is growing a mustache and fans are going into meltdown

Justin Bieber is growing a mustache and fans are going into meltdown

Justin Bieber is a strange one, isn't he? It's hard to work out whether you love him or loathe him. He appeared on the world's music scene at the tender age of 14 and, if we're being truly honest with ourselves, he was incredibly annoying. With a stupid haircut and awful clothes, Bieber launched himself to a new realm of superstardom and became a universal phenomenon at an age where the majority of us are fumbling our way through our first sexual encounters.

Then came the bad boy stage. Bieber hit puberty, toned up and got himself some tattoos. For some reason, he was hellbent on trying to coin the term "swaggy" and cut off his mophead hair in favour of a quiff. This change also brought about some temperamental behaviour from the star, with him lashing out at paparazzi, getting arrested for DUI and also breaking up with his first love, Selena Gomez.

While the world mocked the teenage pop star, it was clear that Bieber was struggling. Regardless, he continued with his relentless touring schedule and studio time and in 2015, he dropped Purpose. The album was a seminal moment, with Bieber winning round those people who had previously mocked him (be honest, guys, it was FULL of bangers.) However, while he may have started making music everyone liked, his behaviour was still erratic and, in 2017, Bieber decided to cancel the rest of his world tour, saying: "I want my mind, heart and soul to be sustainable."

Since then, the singer seems to have been enjoying his twenties and he has even found God in the process. Speaking about the change of mindset, an insider close to the star told People:

"It has been a process, but he’s doing so much better. You can talk to him and see that the old Justin is coming back.

"He seems happier, more energetic. It’s encouraging. He’s not completely there, but he’s definitely on his way."

The source also revealed how much Justin was struggling, saying: "For a long time, it was just awful, but it’s not anymore. Justin is seeing the beauty around him.

"He sees that his life is beautiful, that he’s beautiful.

"He’s young and rich, but that’s not enough. He’s now becoming emotionally and spiritually grounded, and the difference is written all over his face. It’s beautiful to watch."

Since he took a step away from the spotlight, Justin has also relaxed his image. The singer has grown his hair out and now seems to be trying to grow a moustache.

Yep, Bieber is bringing back the tache.

Taking to his Instagram story, Bieber declared: "Long hair don't care and my stash is gorgeous."

Unsurprisingly, given the rabid nature of Justin Bieber fans, they went into meltdown and were left divided by the singer's new look.

Not gonna lie, Biebs; I'm really not sure about the moustache, it sort of makes you look like an Owen Wilson tribute.

Although, with this new look, are we going to see a change of direction from the singer? Anyone fancy a Justin Bieber gospel-country album? Anyone? ANYONE?