Justin Bieber shows wife Hailey some serious PDA during live stream with fans

Justin Bieber shows wife Hailey some serious PDA during live stream with fans

Justin and Hailey Bieber have quickly become the most talked about marriage in show business. Whether you're like me and think they actually look cute together, or whether you're one of the old-school hardcore Beliebers who has been messaging Hailey on social media that Justin will never love her more than he loved Selena, people just can't get enough.

And if you were in any doubt at just how loved up Justin, 25, and Hailey, 22, truly are, you only have to watch them interact together to know that this relationship could be forever.

For example, last year, when Justin publicly serenaded Hailey during their vacation in London, in a scene that could have been straight out of a Rom-Com.

Strumming his guitar outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, a crowd gathered as the Canadian singer-songwriter performed acoustic versions of Cold Water and Tracy Chapman's iconic hit Fast Car, Global News reported.

Justin Bieber serenades his wife Hailey outside Buckingham Palace. Credit: Getty

And yesterday, the couple took to Instagram to engage in a little Live session with their fans, and they've never looked more in love.

As the couple responded to questions from followers, Bieber got a little carried away an started showing some major PDA with his new wife.

I mean, I know they're married, but get a room you two:

As he tickles and kisses Hailey, Justin can be heard saying in the video: "You love me". To which Hailey adorably replies: "I love you more than anyone". Seriously, my heart hasn't struggled to process this much love since I saw Disney's Tangled.

The moment was slightly ruined by one commenter typing "Selena and Justin forever" - but we'll just move past that, shall we?

And the fun and games didn't stop there. Justin and Hailey delighted the Instagram Live viewers with an impromptu song.

Check out the moment Justin broke out in song and started serenading his musical director Dan Kanter:

It's genuinely so great to see Justin looking so happy with his new wife, especially after so many of his fans have been worried about the singer's well-being since he posted to Instagram that he was "struggling" last month.

In addition, a source close to Justin told People back in February that Hailey was his rock and has been supporting him with his mental health struggles:

"They will have a wedding ceremony with family and friends eventually. However, right now, Justin’s focus is getting well mentally. Justin is doing okay. He is very focused and committed to getting help. Hailey is very supportive – Justin is very open about that, Hailey does nothing but help him."

Here's wishing the happy couple all the best for the future.