Kaley Cuoco reveals the reason she had to dump her famous ex-boyfriend

Kaley Cuoco reveals the reason she had to dump her famous ex-boyfriend

We all know Kaley Cuoco for being one of the most successful actors in television, after landing a starring role in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. But long before she was the star she is today, she already had a connection to the rich and famous in Hollywood, which she described in a video for Vogue, as a part of their series Sad Hot Girls.

At the time she had just started out in her acting career, describing herself as a "sweet, wide-eyed" 19-year-old. She met up with a man on a night out who just so happened to be an actor in the business, and they started dating soon after. Cuoco refused to reveal the identity of the man in question, but it's pretty clear that he was a big deal at the time.

She was perfectly happy staying with the man, who handsome and a loving partner.  "At 19 I’m sitting there, I’m looking at this guy going, 'I'm going to marry him, this is the father of my children, I’m so in love'," she said in the interview.

That's when he decided to take her out on a nice, romantic dinner date as a surprise, which she had high expectations for. They have a great meal and a great conversation, then talk about the bill, which he insists on paying. It all seemed to be going well, until she noticed him acting strangely:

"He takes the bill out and he’s looking at it – like really seriously. Looking and looking up and his face is getting kind of squinty.

"He hasn’t put a card down – he hasn’t done anything yet – he’s just staring at the bill. What is wrong with this guy why is he taking so long?

"But this guy is perfect, I’m gonna marry him so I need to be cool. So he proceeds to get into his pocket and take out his phone."

She sees him getting the calculator up on his phone up, at which point she realises exactly what he's doing. "He’s multiplying like an eight per cent tip," she realised. "Oh my god. He’s cheap… He’s cheap. He’s a bad tipper."

This is a particularly big deal for the actress, who has grown up in a family of big tippers. It was at this point that she realised that not only is this a personal problem for her, but it could cause issues if he were ever to meet her family. After a while she realised that sometimes he wouldn't tip at all, and she had to deal with it in her own way.

"I'd make up these lies," she said of her response. "I would run back inside, throwing cash to the server or whoever we owed money to." While many thought he was generous, she was actually forking out her own money to make sure that the service staff got their fair tip, but she knew she couldn't keep it up forever.

They went for a family meal, and all went well, and her father gave her the seal of approval, but then the bill came and the actor tried to pay. "I can’t let my dad – my dad is my idol – see my cheap hot boyfriend," she said. "My dad doesn’t care if he’s hot, he only cares if he tips."

"I couldn’t ever admit to my dad that this was who this guy was. I did go back in and tip the server, I never went back into that restaurant again, and we split up a week later."

As far as reasons go for a break-up, this might seem pretty small, but everyone has that one thing you just can't get past when it comes to dating.