Katie Holmes just gave her first public statement on her relationship with Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes just gave her first public statement on her relationship with Jamie Foxx

In the top-secret world of celebrity relationships, we're occasionally treated to some little insight into our favourite actor, or musician's love-lives, and like the insatiable voyeurs we are, we can't get enough of it.

Whether it's nothing more than a simple catch-up over some cold brews, we have become incredibly good at rinsing such information dry, in hopes that our favourite on-screen pairing could have similar chemistry off-screen.

And now, Katie Holmes has finally confirmed that she and Jamie Foxx are an item.

While Holmes and Foxx have technically never confirmed their relationship, the actress's rep was forced to shut down rumours that the couple had been planning a secret a secret wedding and decided to split because Holmes had a "sudden change of heart" and "couldn't get over her trust issues" - vis-à-vis - confirming that there is most definitely something going on between the pair.

"The Radar story is 100 percent untrue," Holmes rep said about the recent speculation.

The actors are known to be incredibly tight-lipped when it comes to their alleged relationship. The Django Unchained star actually left an ESPN interview when he was asked about his Valentine's Day date with Holmes. And when broached by TMZ several years ago about a potential relationship with the actress, Foxx replied that people "have been trying to make that stick for three years".

However, they did sit next to and act affectionately towards each other at Clive Davis's Pre-Grammy Awards Gala back in January. And last year, one of Foxx's friends, Claudia Jordan, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, nearly confirmed the relationship when she was caught saying that Foxx was "very happy" with Katie.

It's thought that Holmes and Foxx were prohibited from revealing their relationship because of an alleged clause in the 39-year-old's divorce settlement with Tom Cruise, whom she divorced in 2012.

The so-called clause apparently prevented Holmes from publicly dating someone for five years. According to an inside source, this was to prevent Cruise's name from being sullied in the press. The insider said:

"Katie signed a clause in her quickie divorce settlement that prevents her from embarrassing Tom in various ways, like talking about him or Scientology, or publicly dating another man for five years after the divorce."

According to USWeekly, the couples have gone to great lengths to keep their relationship out of the tabloids. "To make it impossible to get photo evidence that they are together, they traveled in cars with tinted windows and took secret back elevators. They had it down to a science," a source stated, before adding that recently, Katie had grown "tired of playing the hiding game".

Well, good on the pair for not succumbing to tabloid pressure and revealing the ins and outs of their relationship - it's up to them to decide when they want to be open about it all.