Katie Price offered £50,000 for '12 hours of sexual favours' to help avoid bankruptcy

Katie Price offered £50,000 for '12 hours of sexual favours' to help avoid bankruptcy

English television personality Katie Price, also known as Jordan, was offered the princely sum of £50,000 ($65,000) by a complete stranger for "12 hours of sexual favours".

The issue began back when she attempted to sell a beloved pink Jeep on eBay and one potential buyer offered to purchase the car for £50,000, in exchange for sexual acts.

As seen on the latest episode of the reality TV show My Crazy Life, the incident happened when Katie and her boyfriend Kris Boyson were visiting their friend Steve’s garage to discuss selling the vehicle. Steve stated "Well it’s unique and it’s got a celebrity status so people will buy it," before revealing the risqué proposal he'd received from a fan of Jordan's (the programme chose to keep this person's identity secret).

According to Steve, the message read: "Ok we know who the owner is. I’ll give her £50,000 for the car if she spends 12 hours with me and purely confidential." Kris seemed highly amused by the idea, and joked "She ain’t worth that mate!" while Katie asked: "Can I have his number?"

Just a day after the Jeep was listed on eBay, it was taken down, A source close to the couple told British tabloid newspaper The Mirror that Katie was later bombarded by inappropriate messages from people who were only too happy to take her up on her offer. They stated: "We had to remove [the listing] because of all the calls and messages we had been getting. It’s still not sold."

This incident has occurred mere months after Price was almost declared bankrupt last year after several of her businesses failed.