Kelleth Cuthbert sues water company over alleged use of her likeness

Kelleth Cuthbert sues water company over alleged use of her likeness

The 2019 Golden Globes were pretty amazing this year, and everyone enjoyed the experience of watching their favourite celebrities gathered together in one place to get some recognition for all their hard work over the last year.

However, nobody ever suspected that a new star would be born at the prestigious red carpet event. But someone special managed to become famous on that day: none other than Kelleth Cuthbert, perhaps best-known as the 'Fiji Water Girl'.

When pictures of the glitzy awards show emerged on social media, many people were interested in the identity of the brunette who appeared to be sabotaging celebs by photobombing them. She always stood behind, holding a tray of Fiji water bottles, smiling to herself.

Soon enough, Cuthbert was identified as the woman in question. She's a model and commercial actress who just so happened to be at the right place at the right time when the cameras were turned to her, and she's been doing well out of her newfound viral fame, even ending up with a cushy role in a popular soap opera as a result of her Golden Globes cameo.

However, this week it has emerged that Cuthbert is reportedly suing the parent company of Fiji Water over the alleged misuse of her likeness.

Kelleth, (real name is Kelly Steinbach) has reportedly initiated legal action against the Fiji Water and its parent company, The Wonderful Company, for allegedly creating a marketing campaign around her, using cardboard cutouts of her image in certain parts of America. Despite alleged failed last-minute negotiations with her agent, Fiji Water went ahead with its campaign.

In court documents, Cuthbert claims that the company is guilty of  "the unauthorised use of (Fiji Water Girl's) photograph, likeness and identity." The same documents also allege that Fiji Water attempted to bribe her with "gifts" in a ploy to get her to sign her rights away, and "pressured [her] into video recording a fake signing of a fake document to simulate [her] signing on as a Fiji Water Ambassador."

However, Fiji Water appears to be dismissive of Cuthbert's claims, and issued a statement in which they called the lawsuit: "frivolous and entirely without merit."

They added: "After the Golden Globes social media moment, we negotiated a generous agreement with Ms Cuthbert that she blatantly violated. We are confident that we will prevail in Court. Throughout our history, we have had a sterling reputation working with talent."

Only time will tell who emerges as the wronged party in court.