Kensington Palace addresses rumors that Meghan Markle will run for president

Kensington Palace addresses rumors that Meghan Markle will run for president

In just over a year, Meghan Markle has seen herself transcend from the (already pretty sweet) role of TV actress to a world-renowned member of the British royal family - and the press can't get enough of it. In fact, the newly-appointed Duchess of Sussex can hardly breathe without someone reporting on it, and it's beginning to become somewhat of a problem.

Last week, for instance, word got out that the former Suits star was planning to run for office, as a source who claimed to be "an associate" of the royal told the Daily Mail: "Meghan was quite clear that she wanted to be president one day".

And it sounded pretty plausible.

After all, Meghan is known for her political nature, and her official royal biography describes her passion for "social justice and women's empowerment". Plus, there's nothing legally stopping her from putting herself forward for the role: she's still a legal citizen of the USA, and she holds all the necessary requirements one needs to be a presidential candidate.

However, Kensington Palace has now come forward to offer an official statement on the matter... and it turns out that the rumors were not based in truth at all. In fact, they've said the claims made by a so-called associate were entirely "fictitious".

What's more, though Meghan is not legally prohibited from holding any political beliefs, she is expected to follow protocol and not express opinions about any political parties - be them British, American, or otherwise.

"It’s a bit like going in the goldfish bowl. Everything changes," saidDickie Arbiter, a former press secretary to Prince Charles. "What she was able to say before she came into ‘the firm’ is very different to what she is going to be able to say now. It all changes."

He continued: "Now she has come into the royal family, she will have to be politically neutral. Harry has probably made that perfectly clear. He knows she has been outspoken, but all that has to stop. She is going to have to adapt. I am sure she is on the road already."

Having said that, the Duchess' official biography is undeniably more political than most others on the official royal website. Her page features a large standalone quote that says, "I am proud to be a woman and a feminist" (something she said at the UN on International Women's Day 2015), and she has two sections dedicated to "charitable work" and "world vision" - both of which carry indirect political associations of some sort.

So, while many people might think Meghan would make an excellent president, there are just a few too many obstacles in her way - not least of all the fact that she is a black woman. Perhaps one day she'll step into a more overtly influential role where politics are concerned but, for now, just the fact that she is bringing feminism to the royal family seems like a step in the right direction.