Kesha crowned "Freckle Queen" after posting stunning foundation-free selfie

Kesha crowned "Freckle Queen" after posting stunning foundation-free selfie

And the trend of celebrities posting makeup-free selfies continues. Maybe they do it because if enough people say they look "stunning," they no longer have to spend valuable time and money on makeup. Or maybe they do it to remind fans that beneath all the gloss and glamour, they're just a person. Whatever the reason, fans get a kick out of seeing tars in a different light.

Recently pop singer Halsey shared an au naturale image, revealing a spray of Meghan Markle-esque freckles. (Is "Marklesque" a word yet? I'm coining it.) Modern Family's Sarah Hyland also shared a close-up, makeup-free snap with an empowering message: "Be patient. Be kind. Be free. Don't stress. Don't overthink. Don't worry. Just be." However, Christina Aguilera's barefaced selfie probably caught the most attention, as the normally glam pop star looked unrecognizable.

On Wednesday, Kesha became the latest celebrity to show off her natural face. On Twitter, she shared a photo wearing a little bit of mascara and eyeliner, but absolutely no foundation. If you thought Halsey and Xtina had freckles, you haven't seen anything yet.

Fans thought the singer looked beautiful, and crowned her "Freckle Queen." (Possible album title? Think about it, Kesha.) One Twitter user pointed out Christina Aguilera as a possible source of inspiration. What other pop stars are hiding freckles under their foundation?

Kesha also shared the foundation-free selfie with her 2.9 million Instagram followers. (That's one follower for every freckle!) Again, the comment section was full of praise.  One person wrote, "You look beautiful, don't let anyone tell you you're not." Another said, "Yes we need more freckle representation." A third added, "Queen of freckles we stan!"

However, Kesha may have fierce competition for the title of Freckle Queen. On Tuesday, Perrie Edwards, one of the members of the British girl group Little Mix, shared a foundation-free selfie. She's also got formidable amount of freckles, which she was "insecure" about, according to the caption.

"Growing up I was always insecure about the freckles on my face. Over the last couple of years I’ve started to embrace them and don’t feel I need to hide them anymore. 'Embrace your individuality. Love what you love without worrying about judgement'"

These makeup-free sefies send a important message about loving your unique self, warts and all. Well, not "warts" and all. Warts are digusting. Who would be proud of a wart? That's like, what, what evil witches have in Disney movies. So, let me rephrase that. These makeup-free sefies send a important message about loving your unique self, freckles and all.

Who knows, maybe freckles will become the next beauty trend. Recently there were reports of women getting Marklesque freckles tattooed on their faces. (Seriously.)  Maybe Kesha-esque freckle tattoos are just around the corner. Or maybe we should all stop pursuing ephemeral trends and just be happy with what we see in the mirror (unless it's a wart).