Kesha embraces her freckles in stunning make-up free selfie

Kesha embraces her freckles in stunning make-up free selfie

At some point in the long and convoluted history of humanity, someone decided that people should be split into two categories: "hot" and "not hot".

To be "hot", you've got to play by certain rules. You're supposed to be tall and thin and have nice hair. You're meant to wear good clothes and have perfect teeth. You've got to be able to pose for photographs without looking like you're constantly in mid-sneeze. You're expected to have flawless skin, and - if you don't - you're expected to wear makeup.

But, of course, that's all sorta bulls**t, isn't it?

For ages, we've believed that certain features are imperfections, and we've tried to cover them up. We dye our grey hairs and pluck our scruffy eyebrows and spend thousands on lotions and potions to hide our wrinkles. We even conceal our freckles.

Well, it's about time we stop doing that, and Kesha is leading the way in making a change.

kesha freckles Credit: Twitter/Kesha

Writing on Twitter, the 31-year-old singer said, "this year my resolution is to love myself...  just as I am, all f***ed up and imperfect and whatever else.  And to let my freckles liiiiiiiive."

And, I think we all have to agree, she looks absolutely stunning.

The makeup-free selfie attracted hundreds of comments and compliments - mostly from other people who used to be self-conscious about their freckles - as well as a few response selfies from other freckled beauties.

"I've as many/more freckles as you!" said one person. "I was so embarrassed as a little girl. My daddy said some day they'll blend into the perfect tan :( I just think how different it would be for us if one of our idols would have gone natural! How many 'imperfections' would've made us feel perfect."

"Why on earth would you hide them?" asked another. "They gorgeous! Your #frecklepower makes you strong!"

A third added: "Omg you’re beautiful! Love you, Kesha! Your freckles are certainly not an imperfection and I’m happy to see you accept this part of yourself :)"