Kim Kardashian blasts Tyson Beckford for body-shaming, defends her 'homophobic' clapback

Kim Kardashian blasts Tyson Beckford for body-shaming, defends her 'homophobic' clapback

Kim Kardashian has always denied getting plastic surgery, but on the other hand, we have eyes. Okay, there's no proof she goes under the knife, but fans have suspected it for a while. Do you think those stunning curves are natural? Not that anyone's complaining, of course. Whenever Kim posts scantily clad pictures - which is often - she breaks the Internet.

You'd assume Kim was always confident, considering her endless stream of nude selfies. But in an interview with Shape, she revealed that she used to struggle with body image.  "It’s taken me a long time to be happy with my body and for my confidence to grow to what it is today," said the reality star. "I grew up when the body to have was the tall, slim, supermodel one, like Cindy Crawford’s. No one looked like me."

Now Kim's iconic figure is the "body to have," and she flaunts it all the time. But on one of her recent snaps, fans believed they found evidence of cosmetic surgery. Her right hip appears to be a different size and shape than her left hip. Maybe it's a bad angle, or maybe her booty that just don't quit just threw in the towel.

Model and actor Tyson Beckford noticed the odd, lumpy proportions, and was unimpressed. He commented, "She is not real, doctor f***ed up on her right hip." Then, after getting 16 replies, probably from angry Kim fans, he added, "Sorry I don't care for it!"

Tyson's snarky comment captured by The Shade Room, and caught the attention of Kim Kardashian herself. Even though she wasn't tagged. I'm guessing she Googles her own name every five minutes. Anyway, Kim clapped back by responding, "Sis we all know why you don't care for it," with emojis of coffee, a frog and painting nails. This response got a backlash, since Kim seemed to be implying Tyson was gay. Body-shaming isn't cool, but neither is homophobia.

In an interview with LA radio personality Big Boy, Kim tried to clarify her remarks, in the most confusing way possible. She slammed Tyson for body-shaming, once again calling him "sis. Then she called him "female lame," whatever that means, and claimed he can't be homophobic, because she has gay friends.

"Really, dude? Like, you're going to body-shame me? Like, okay. Okay. Okay, sis. You're going to body-shame me?  People were sending me stuff on his page, he keeps on going and going and going, and I’m just like, dude, that’s so female lame to me. That’s just lame to me. And for anyone to say that I am homophobic with the comment of saying sis? All my best friends are gay, I support the community, I love the community, they love me, that has nothing to do with this."

Did Kim's response just make things worse? I'd share my opinion, but I don't want to keep on going and going and going. That's so female lame to me.