Fans are furious after Kim Kardashian posted a video jumping on a trampoline in a white bikini while listening to Kylie's ex

Fans are furious after Kim Kardashian posted a video jumping on a trampoline in a white bikini while listening to Kylie's ex

When she's not "breaking the internet", Kim Kardashian can be found lounging around in some rather risqué clothing - by and by "breaking the internet" yet again. The reality television star's sartorial choices are often dissected by her 115 million Instagram followers - and more famously by her husband, and Yeezy designer, Kanye West - however, one aspect of her style has always remained consistent: its provocativeness.

Last month, Kim took to Instagram to joke about being "shy", after she posted a picture of herself in a revealing bikini, and now, the 37-year-old has posted a video of her jumping around on a trampoline in yet another white two-piece. This time around, however, it wasn't Kim's choice of swimwear that had people up in arms, rather it was the song that she decided to play in the background...

In the video, which was posted to her Instagram stories, Kim is seen jumping on a trampoline while Taste by Tyga plays on in the background. And sure, this would all be fine if Tyga didn't happen to be Kylie Jenner's ex-boyfriend.

Maybe Kylie is secretly chummy with Tyga, and doesn't mind her sisters supporting her musical endeavours, but given what we know about America's most famous family, and their love of stirring the proverbial pot, it's likely that there's something more at play here.

Or, you know, perhaps we all have nothing better to do.

"Lollll at @KimKardashian that she posted two of the same video’s one with @Tyga’s song and one muted," one Twitter user wrote on the subject, while another corroborated, "You think Kylie noticed that @KimKardashian was playing @Tyga on her Snapchat post."

Tyga, who broke things off with Kylie back in 2017 after three years together, appeared to be a fan of Kim's song choice as he reposted her video on his Instagram Story, writing "#taste" across the post and tagging Kim's account.

Just last week, Kim incited the ire of the internet after seemingly rejoicing when her sisters told her that she looked "really skinny".

"I don't think you're eating," Kendall Jenner told Kim at the City of Hope Charity poker event. "Like you look so skinny."

Khloé Kardashian chimed in with "I’ve never seen a human being look as good. You are a walking Face Tune doll." Kim responded by saying "Oh my god the compliments! I’m down to 119 lbs. I will say when I take out my hair extensions I am less."

Naturally, Twitter was not pleased by this exchange. "If someone says you look so skinny that they don’t think you’re eating that is NOT A COMPLIMENT to gloat about to your millions of followers that are majority girls," one social media user asserted.

Another wrote, "Kim Kardashian’s Instagram story is very triggering yikes."