Kim Kardashian did a photoshoot with a bunch of her lookalikes and fans can't tell who's who

Kim Kardashian did a photoshoot with a bunch of her lookalikes and fans can't tell who's who

Donald Trump and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson are two people who dominate the public view, but Kim Kardashian is probably the most recognisable woman around in the world right now. Clad with her trademark curves and with the backing and support of her famous family, Kim K dominates Twitter and Instagram in the way Michael Jordan used to dominate the basketball court.

She's got the fame, she's got the fanbase, and with her fashion sense, you can see plenty of people wanting to look like Kim Kardashian. What you might not be able to see, however, is how good these doppelgängers have turned out to be.

Unless you're in the middle of watching a direct-to-video Rob Schneider film, there's not usually a good reason to be surrounded by people who look a lot like one another. But as usual, Kim K's found a way, and her latest photoshoot shows her alongside several lookalikes.

Can you guess which is which? I'm assuming that Kim Kardashian's in the centre of the photo (because it's Kim Kardashian in front of a camera), but if it's not, I've genuinely got no clue: they've all got the same svelte figure, the dark hair, and the sunglasses which makes it difficult to identify them by their faces.

But why is Kim Kardashian gathering together lookalikes for a photoshoot? It's all part of her latest campaign, a collection with Carolina Lemke Berlin, and for that campaign, she managed to find a ton of people who looked a bit like her, but two who really looked like Kim Kardashian:

Are... are they breeding Kim Kardashian lookalikes in a lab now? Personally, I wouldn't put advanced cloning techniques past Kris Jenner (I mean, where else can they go with Keeping Up With The Kardashians at this point?), but these gals look confusingly alike.

As part of her new collection (which includes the face-concealing sunglasses you see above), Kim Kardashian says she created her latest collection from scratch with Carolina Lemke. According to Cosmo, Kim K said that she wanted to create a range of offerings for "all tastes, traits and faces".

"Carolina Lemke really let me express myself. Together, we designed this collection from scratch. I wanted to create a complete range of sunglasses, from statement shields to simpler shapes, because I’ve always felt that fashion should be inclusive. It should be for everyone, and everyone should feel as if they’re part of the conversation."

Carolina Lemke is an Israeli brand, and as part of the campaign, Kim K will be touching down in Rishon LeZion, which is an 8km journey down from Tel Aviv. Anyone who happens to be there at the time will get to meet Kim Kardashian in the flesh.

Or... will they meet one of her doppelgängers? I wouldn't put it past her.