Kim Kardashian shares her make-up free 'psoriasis face' and fans are praising her for it

Kim Kardashian shares her make-up free 'psoriasis face' and fans are praising her for it

While we're used to Kim Kardashian getting torrents of hate and abuse for her various social media posts and brand promotions and whatnot, this time, she's getting a lot more positive feedback from the hundreds of millions of social media followers who help her build her immense fortune.

We're used to seeing Kim K pretty and pristine at all times, but her latest selfie was a lot more vulnerable, and fans were absolutely loving her for it.

You wouldn't know from looking at her, but Kim Kardashian suffers from psoriasis - a skin condition characterised by red, flaky and scaly skin thanks to the human body working overtime to produce extra skin cells. Kim Kardashian has already has to speak about her psoriasis once before, and it wasn't a happy occasion.

After the Daily Mail called out Kim K for having an acne breakout last month, she responded in kind on Twitter, explaining she'd been going through a particularly tough case of psoriasis that day. And via Instagram Story, Kim Kardashian showed us what her face looks like without all the makeup.

The Kardashian family, and Kim Kardashian in particular, have been heavily criticised online for their unrealistic portrayal of female body standards, but simply captioning her photos as "Psoriasis Face", Kim Kardashian showed remarkable vulnerability to show us what she really looks like.

Kim Kardashian Psoriasis Credit: Instagram Story

Of course, last month's Twitter jab is far from the first time that Kim Kardashian's opened up about having psoriasis, speaking on her now-defunct blog in 2016. According to Cosmo, she admitted to getting butt injections, but they were in part to help with her psoriasis.

"One of my neighbors happened to be a dermatologist. He saw that I had psoriasis and recommended that I get a cortisone shot to help combat the inflammation. So now, every few years, I get a cortisone shot to help combat the inflammation from my psoriasis."

"Sometimes I just feel like it's my big flaw and everyone knows about it, so why cover it?" she wrote at the time, adding that although there's currently not a cure for psoriasis, she's still hopeful: "I'm always hoping for a cure, of course, but in the meantime, I'm learning to just accept it as part of who I am."

Kim Kardashian's been in the news a lot lately, hasn't she? Much like this, too, the news is rather positive; she's offered to help out a man who was struggling to find a place to live.

matthew charles Credit: Facebook/Matthew Charles

Matthew Charles had served 20 years of a 35-year sentence, but upon his release was finding his housing applications denied left, right and centre. But Kim Kardashian stepped in for him, offering to pay as much as five years' worth of rent for the former inmate.

Good on you, Kim Kardashian! You've earned your bit of positive press, so enjoy it while it lasts! Knowing the internet, that might not be too long at all.