Kim Kardashian 'tried' dancing with Kourtney and it was a spectacular failure

Kim Kardashian 'tried' dancing with Kourtney and it was a spectacular failure

Judging by Kim Kardashain's figure, she looks like a woman who knows how to get down. You can just picture her in a fancy club somewhere, sipping $100 cocktails and twerking to Rihanna while Kris Jenner films the whole thing on her iPhone and shouts over the music, "You're doing amazing, sweetie."

Unfortunately, that's simply not the case.

While she may have the body for it, Kim K apparently has zero talent when it comes to dancing. She's so bad, in fact, that she once got kicked off stage by Prince because her moves were just that dreadful.

It's a bit of surprise, then, that the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians includes some scenes from a dance class that Kim went along to with her sister, Kourtney.

In a preview from the show, Kim can be seen stubbornly propping herself up against a wall while Kourtney shakes her thang. She's encouraged to join in a few times, but keeps coming up with excuses not to, at one point stating: "I don't dance, I make money moves."

Fans of the show were relating hard to Kim's complete lack of rhythm, with one person commenting, "Kim is me at every party."

Meanwhile, others thought that this might actually be a sign of self-consciousness creeping out of the usually-polished reality star.

"I think the reason she does not dance is not because she can't dance it's because she's has the fear of looking ridiculous," a fan said. "She's overly controlling with her self of how they perceive her... she wants an image of perfection... you can see it with her obsession with her body image, the things she's done to her body and face, her marriage, the way she carries herself."

Ok, so that might be a bit deep. Is there not simply a chance that, like a lot of us, she just doesn't have the moves?

"Kim has this inability to let loose," Kourtney explained.

While she may not be a natural on the dance floor, though, it does seem that Kim has more depth to her than most people perceive.

In a recent clip shared to her Instagram, the mother-of-three teamed up with her youngest sister, Kylie, in order to prank Kris Jenner - showing that she's also got a good sense of humour to go with her rockin' bod and unparalleled success as a reality TV star.

So, next time you see yourself perusing Kim's impeccable selfies with envy or watching KUWTK and wishing that you could live the life of a Kardashian for just a day or two, remember this: if you can dance without embarrassing yourself, or even just follow some fairly simple choreography moves and not look like an absolute fool, you have at least one up on KKW.

And even if you can't dance, it's still funny to watch her try.