Kristen Bell slammed for revealing that she smokes weed around sober Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell slammed for revealing that she smokes weed around sober Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are all kinds of #CoupleGoals. The pair, who have been married for five years now, have two young daughters, four-year-old Lincoln and three-year-old Delta, but despite their apparent domestic bliss - which is documented on Instagram - the couple have always remained committed to keeping it real. 

Case in point: Dax Shepard celebrated his 14th year of sobriety earlier this month, and Kristen marked the occasion by posting an emotional tribute to Instagram, where she praised her husband's willingness to speak about his struggles with alcoholism and substance abuse.

"To the man [who] mocked me in our wedding photos because I cried too many tears of joy. Who wore a baby Bjorn for 2 straight years to show his girls how to be as adventurous as possible. Who held our dear little shakey mann pup for 8 hrs straight on the day we had to put him down. I know how much you loved using. I know how much it got in your way. And I know, because I saw, how hard you worked to live without it," Kristen captioned the snaps.

"I will forever be in awe of your dedication, and the level of fierce moral inventory you perform on yourself, like an emotional surgery, every single night. You never fail to make amends, or say sorry when its needed. You are always available to guide me, and all of our friends, with open ears and tough love when its needed most. You have become the fertilizer in the garden of our life, encouraging everyone to grow. I'm so proud that you have never been ashamed of your story, but instead shared it widely, with the hope it might inspire someone else to become the best version of themselves. You have certainly inspired me to do so," she continued.

"I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone, and I want you to know, I see you. I see how hard you work. You set an excellent example of being human. Happy 14th year sobriety birthday, @daxshepard."

While Dax may be sober, Kristen is most certainly not. The actress recently detailed her drug use on Marc Maron's podcast, WTF With Marc Maron, saying "I smoke around my husband and it doesn't seem to bother him. Weed rules."

Kristen's marijuana habit is limited, however, because she has to hold down a job, and raise two children. I can’t do it around my kids, which is a phenomenal amount of hours each week. Once a week, if I’m just exhausted and we’re about to sit down and watch 60 Minutes, why not?" she explained.

Naturally, the people of the internet came out in full force to slam the actress for her recreational drug use. "With her husband a recovering addict this feels really really slimy and selfish to me," one Twitter user wrote, while another added "I've just lost so much respect for her. Why would she ever do that in front of him or talk about having drug parties, or advocate using drugs which cause devastation to many lives? He has maintained sobriety and deserves support and not temptation.
Why would E! be happy for this?"

The mom shamers also came out in full force, with one person writing "Hope her children are being cared for while she's busy doing drugs."

I mean, seriously? Not only does Kristen seem very responsible when it comes to her drug use, but it's also 2018, making it about time that we start normalising marijuana. Let's just give it a rest with all the judgement...