Kylie Jenner makes appearance as a modern day 'Virgin Mary' in Travis Scott music video

Kylie Jenner makes appearance as a modern day 'Virgin Mary' in Travis Scott music video

Kylie Jenner's pretty busy these days, with her billion dollar beauty empire and six-month-old daughter, Stormi. But she has still time to support her boyfriend, Travis Scott. (Even if he doesn't know absolutely anything about her.)

Travis just released his highly anticipated third studio album, AstroWorld. Critics and fans agree - it's lit. On Instagram, Kylie shared a photo of herself rocking Astroworld merch. The caption read, "you didn’t have to go this hard baby ? Astroworld just dropped and it’s the craziest ride of my life."

Travis dropped a few shoutouts to Kylie and Stormi on the album. On the song Sicko Mode, he rapped, "Bout a check, yeah / Just check the foots, yeah / Passes to my daughter, I'ma show her what it took / Baby mama cover Forbes, got these other bitches shook." (Forbes Magazine put Kylie on the cover because she is to become the world's youngest female billionaire. It's fair to assume that, upon receiving this news, some bitches were shook.)

At the Astroworld listening party, Kylie and Travis were spotted having adorable public displays of affection. One person at the event posted a video of them on the dance floor, hugging and swaying to the music. Another person posted a video of the couple kissing. While Kourtney and Kim feud over a Christmas card photo on Twitter, Kylie and Travis are out living their best lives.

Today Travis dropped a music video for the song Stop Trying To Be God, which features James Blake, Kid Cudi and Stevie Wonder on harmonica. The video is full of striking religious imagery - mass baptism in a lake, herding sheep through a residential neighborhood, a fire-breathing monster, an old man in the clouds with a beard who can shoot lasers from his eyes, and of course, Kylie Jenner as a luminescent Virgin Mary.

The 20-year-old E! reality star glows gold - just all those false idols you're not supposed to worship - and wears a sparkling sequin gown with intricate beading. After Travis is lit on fire by a hellbeast or the sun or something, Kylie, seen for the first time, holding him in her arms. Then, at the end of the video, she cradles a lamb in the manger, and the lamb starts lip synching the chorus. Yeah, I don't really get what's going on either, but it looks cool.

I'm kind of disappointed they didn't recreate the whole nativity scene with the Kardashian family. Just think, Travis Scott could be Joseph; Stormi could be Baby Jesus; Kim, Khloe and Kendall could be the three Wisemen; Kourtney, Kris and Catelyn could be angels; and Kanye West could be the Donkey. After all, he's been practicing acting like a jackass for a long, long time.

Actually, that might stir up too much controversy. Kylie as the Virgin Mary was probably enough for most people. This video proves