Kylie Jenner reveals that she wants more kids and is already thinking of baby names

Kylie Jenner reveals that she wants more kids and is already thinking of baby names

The Kardashians and Jenners are already incredibly popular. Not only do they have their flagship reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but they also have their own individual businesses that they operate separately. As well as owning their own fashion lines, make-up lines, being paid for making public appearances or endorsing products, they also make tens of thousands one Instagram post at a time.

If the family, masterminded by Kris Jenner, didn't already look like they had world domination on the cards - there's also a new generation on its way to double their efforts. Kourtney has three children, Kim has three, Khloe has one, and as of this year, Kylie Jenner has one too.

Baby Stormi was a pretty big deal when she was born, so much so that the first photo posted of her onto Kylie's Instagram quickly became the most-liked in the history of Instagram. The announcement of the birth of her daughter was a surprise - at least in theory. Many of us had seen the signs and various clues left by Kylie over the previous nine months when she had taken a step back from the limelight, so it was more of a question of when than if she had a baby.

"There was no gotcha moment, no big paid reveal i had planned," Kylie wrote in the original announcement of Stormi's birth. "I knew my baby would feel every stress and every emotion so I chose to do it this way for my little life and our happiness."

However, it looks like Stormi isn't going to be the only Jenner-Webster joining the family, as Kylie has now opened up about her plans for expanding her family unit. In a Snapchat session with Jorfyn Woods on Saturday, she answered various questions, including some about whether she wants more children. She said:

"Am I going to have another baby? I want another baby but 'when?' is the question and I'm definitely not ready right this second. And I don't know when I will be, but yeah, when I do, I'd love to share more of that with you guys.

"Have I thought of baby names for my next baby? Um I have, but I haven't found anything that I love love. But I definitely want another girl, hopefully, and I want her to have a really feminine name, that's all I know."

In addition to this baby talk, she also delved into the subject of her baby girl and the connection she has with dad Travis Scott:

"I think that her personality is just like Kendall and her dad. She is just like her dad, but she does look like me, so. She is obsessed with her dad, though. They have this crazy connection and she's definitely a daddy's girl. It's cute to watch. When dad's around, I'm not even there, it's like she doesn't even see me."

So, it looks like we've got even more Jenners on the way...