Kylie Jenner shows her real hair on Instagram in post-shower video

Kylie Jenner shows her real hair on Instagram in post-shower video

When you see glossy pictures of celebrities posting on social media, it's only natural to wonder how much is real and how much has been carefully stage-managed - especially if that celebrity has an iconic look or a style that's associated with them alone.

On that note, this week the influencer and reality TV star Kylie Jenner has astonished her fans, when she treated them to a rare glimpse of what her hair looks like when totally unstyled in a candid Instagram post which has since picked up a lot of attention.

Take a look at the video of Kylie's REAL hairstyle in the video below: 

In a steamy video uploaded to her Instagram stories this week, Kylie gave her followers a quick peek at her wet look while she was taking a shower. Wrapped in a fluffy tail, with her damp hair on full display, Kylie captioned the clip: "Haven't had my real hair this long since I was 15."

This is a rare look for Kylie, who often dyes her hair a range of bright colors to co-ordinate her head to match her outfit. According to a report by, Kylie once stated that she first dyed her hair when she was 16-years-old and hasn't stopped chopping and changing her luxurious locks since.

Kylie stated: "I've just had this addiction to changing my hair. It makes me feel like a new person. I love feeling different and I love leaving the house knowing that nobody has ever seen me this way."

However, Kylie isn't the only celebrity to let their Instagram followers in on her hair-care secrets. Ever wondered what Ariana Grande's hair would look like without her trademark ponytail?

As you can see, Ariana Grande's natural hair is a lot more frizzy than you might think:

In a video posted to Ariana's Instagram stories on Monday, following a performance at Tampa in Florida, Ariana displayed her frizzy hair, without the waist-long ponytail she's best known for, which made her look completely different!

In a 2014 Facebook post, Grande explained: "My real hair is back to brown and I wear extensions but I wear it in a pony tail because my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down. I tried wigs, they looked RIDICULOUS. Tried a weave because I am working on a new project and want to try some different looks and literally wanted to rip my scalp off. [sic]"

I think it's time we all embraced our natural hair!