Leonardo DiCaprio's Earth Alliance donates $3m to bushfire appeal

Leonardo DiCaprio's Earth Alliance donates $3m to bushfire appeal

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio's organization Earth Alliance has donated an incredible $3 million sum to an appeal to save the Australian bushland after the devastating wildfires.

Taking to Instagram this week, the Academy Award-winning Hollywood actor and prominent environmentalist disclosed that his organization Earth Alliance has sent money to the relief effort in New South Wales.

Celeste Barber publically slated billionaires for not giving more to the relief effort: 

Leo captioned a number of graphic pictures of Australian animals who had been killed or injured by the blaze with a message reading: "Earth Alliance, created in 2019 by Leonardo DiCaprio, Laurene Powell Jobs, and Brian Sheth, has launched the #AustraliaWildfireFund."

It continued: "A US$3 million commitment to assist critical firefighting efforts in New South Wales, aid local communities most affected by the wildfires, enable wildlife rescue and recovery, and support the long term restoration of unique ecosystems."

This comes just a few months after Earth Alliance pledged $5 million to save the Amazon rainforest after similar fires in the region, which went to five local organizations attempting to combat the conflagration.

Back in November, DiCaprio also shared an image of himself meeting with prominent environmental activist Greta Thunberg. Praising the teen, Leo wrote: "There are few times in human history where voices are amplified at such pivotal moments and in such transformational ways – but @GretaThunberg has become a leader of our time."

He continued: "History will judge us for what we do today to help guarantee that future generations can enjoy the same livable planet that we have so clearly taken for granted. I hope that Greta’s message is a wake-up call to world leaders everywhere that the time for inaction is over."

He added: "It is because of Greta, and young activists everywhere that I am optimistic about what the future holds. It was an honor to spend time with Greta. She and I have made a commitment to support one another, in hopes of securing a brighter future for our planet."