Liam Hemsworth pulls hilarious prank on fiancé Miley Cyrus and her reaction is everything

Liam Hemsworth pulls hilarious prank on fiancé Miley Cyrus and her reaction is everything

You know you've got yourself a keeper through a number of tell-tale signs. They'll know your preferred coffee order. They cook your favourite meal when you're not feeling so hot. They'll go with you to places you've said you always wanted to visit. And you know what else? They'll prank you.

Whether it's an elaborate April Fool's joke or a surprise attack, being pranked by your significant other is a harmless signifier of affection which, although incredibly annoying at times, is a big sign that they love you. Being able to put up with it without too much of a fuss? That's your way of saying "I love you" back.

One couple who share such amusing displays of affection is Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. The young lovebirds have been together almost a decade now, despite the fact that they took a break in 2013 (after months of on-again-off-again rumours). While it looked like things may have been over for good, the couple got back together a few years ago and got engaged for the second time too.

Since then, the couple seems to share a tighter bond, perhaps due to the fact that they both seem more mature. But of course, you've got to let the kid inside you be free once in a while, which is probably why Liam is always ready to prank his fiancé.

On Sunday, he shared a video to his Instagram stories of another epic prank he pulled on Miley. It shows him sneaking up to the singer when she was sitting in her car. She's obviously been waiting for him to come back from somewhere and was just sitting and scrolling through her phone. Liam sneaks up on the car, making sure to flip the camera beforehand to capture his mischievous grin, and screams through the window she's leaning against.

It appears that she got quite the fright - remaining completely speechless as she stared back at her fiancé through the glass.

Other times she has gotten quite irritated at him. On the same weekend, Liam shared another video of him sneaking up to Miley at night, presumably in their home. She's standing on what looks like a patio, scrolling through her phone again. He captioned the post "Please excuse Miley’s foul language. Got her good on this one. Almost felt bad...almost. "

And yes, Miley does display a bit of "foul language", with Liam's prank being enough to set her off saying: "You f**king c*nt, I hate you so much. Liam! You’re so f**king annoying." Turning the camera to himself, Liam says, "That was a harsh one."

However, the hint of a smile on Miley's face shows that she doesn't really mean it, and that she knows his pranks are all just a special kind of loving gesture.

Liam has previously pranked Miley while they're driving in the car, with him shouting randomly or pretending that he's hit something, à la his post from last week where he's wearing some kind of camouflage balaclava while driving.

Oh, and a few days after that, he captured another moment on his Instagram stories scaring Miley while they were just standing around inside.

It looks like Miley might have to just start getting used to it.