Logan Paul responds after retired star says he should fight in the UFC

Logan Paul responds after retired star says he should fight in the UFC

Last weekend, disgraced YouTuber Logan Paul swapped out his video camera for a pair of boxing gloves as he took on fellow vlogger KSI in a match that was watched by millions worldwide. The two internet stars battled it out for the sake of pride and glory but, ultimately, neither of them walked away victorious, as the match ended in a draw after six rounds.

It would be wrong to say that either of them lost, however, as both Paul and KSI made a huge amount of money from the stunt, and they've each gained a new level of fame to boot.

After all, a few weeks ago, Logan Paul was simply known as some dumb kid who made a disrespectful video about the so-called suicide forest in Japan.

Now, he's recognised as a dumb kid who can also hold his own in a boxing match - and at least one former UFC fighter thinks that he could potentially have a career as a professional.

Brendan Schaub, a retired Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight, suggested earlier this week on his Below The Belt podcast that both Paul and KSI were better promoters for the UFC, and that, if the fighting organisation had any sense, they would be paying close attention to the YouTubers' tactics.

What's more, he also said that he "guaranteed" there would be "a spark of interest in signing Logan Paul to the UFC", purely because of how well it would do for their ratings.

Word of this apparently travelled back to Paul, who has now responded to Schaub's statements.

"The thought of securing a fight in the @UFC is exciting... could finally use my wrestling background," he wrote on Twitter. "But I hear some other celebrities/athletes want to catch these hands first?"

So it sounds like he's keen to participate - but he also wants to hone his fighting skills a little further, first.

This statement comes just shortly after he and his brother, Jake Paul, discussed potentially fighting UFC legend, Conor McGregor.

"I think it'd be dope to see one of us fight McGregor," Jake said in a recent video.

Logan immediately responded, "That's what I was thinking!" before adding, "We've got to prove ourselves first."

Fans seemed keen to see Paul step up to the challenge, too, with one person commenting: "Legit would be excited to see you enter the octagon. Not because you’re Logan Paul but to see if you can adapt and grow into that field. If it happens, congrats man."

However, others doubted that the YouTuber has what it takes to actually compete, and pointed out that his match only attained the success it did because both Paul and KSI were already known celebrities prior to the fight. "Throw Justin Bieber in a ring to box a One Direction guy, hype it w/ trash talk & you get a similar result," another commenter said. "Celebrity sells itself."

While it may be the case that Paul was able to make a killing on the fight due to his pre-existing level of fame, it's also probably true that a lot of people paid to watch just so that they could see the 23-year-old get punched in the head a few times. And if that's what the UFC needs to sell a few more viewerships, perhaps Schaub is right: Paul should sign up.