Margot Robbie's brother reveals what she's like when it's time to pay the restaurant bill

Margot Robbie's brother reveals what she's like when it's time to pay the restaurant bill

As far as celebrities go, Margot Robbie gives off the impressions that she's pretty down-to-earth and friendly. The actress, best known for her role in The Wolf of Wall Street, comes across as being level-headed in interviews and it appears that this extends to her family life.

Cameron Robbie - Margot's brother - has dished the dirt on what it's like to be Margot's brother and, in all honesty, it sounds like a pretty sweet gig. According to Cam, Margot tries to make as much time for her family as possible:

"We text constantly, and I get to see her a lot on the down-low, which is quite nice. If no-one knows she's in town!"

"We're a very close family, so we always try to be home for Christmas. Margot tries to get here as much as possible," he explained.

However, while his sister may be an A-lister, the siblings still have offensive nicknames for one another and regularly bicker who is the "golden child."

"She's always called me Ratboy – it's a Simpsons reference," laughs Cam. "My Christmas cards from her are always, 'To Ratty' and I call her Maggot. We have a fun sibling rivalry. Whenever we get hold of Mum's phone, we text each other, like, 'Cameron is mum's favourite, Margot's mum's fourth favourite!' It's a running joke."

Despite giving him a less-than-complimentary nickname, Cameron admits that his sister is more than happy to look after him when they're out together. Margot has a net worth of £12 million and is more than happy to foot the bill when the two go out for some food or drinks.

"She doesn't make me pay my way, she's super-generous, but I do my own thing, too! In saying that, if she gets a really expensive bottle of wine, she'll be paying for that, for sure. Or if she takes a couple chips off my plate, I'm charging a surcharge for those chips!"

Cameron maintains that despite her wealth, his sister still manages to lead a fairly "normal" lifestyle and is surrounded by a "great" group of friends who help keep her feet firmly on the ground. And, while he may live a "poor" and frugal "student life," Cameron claims that he never goes to his sister for a handout. "It’s never so dire that I’m going to be like "Hey, Margot!"'

It's clear that Cameron's relationship with Margot means a lot to the two of them, with them posting photos on their Instagram accounts whenever they hang out. And, gushing praise on his sister, Cameron made sure to let the world know how proud of his sister he is, saying:

"She's always been a good big sis to me, we love to have a lot of fun. I'm really proud of her."

It's always nice to hear that a big-name celebrity is a good person when away from the cameras. In this current climate, we're often hearing about the misdemeanours of some of our idols and their counterparts, which only increases the notion of A-listers being super unrelatable. The more Margot Robbies, the better.