Meet the former adult film star who it's claimed is the mother of Drake's secret baby

Meet the former adult film star who it's claimed is the mother of Drake's secret baby

It would be safe to say that as a week in the life of Drake goes, this week would score pretty far down the list. Drake, the man who is a perpetual walking meme, the man who continuously raps about how having a lot of money and sleeping with a lot of women makes him sad, has landed himself in a bit of hot water with Pusha T and is now having his private life unravel in front of his teary eyes.

It all started on May 25th, when Pusha T finally dropped his long-awaited album, DAYTONA. As expected with a Push record, the songs predominantly focused on themes commonly associated with the rapper: women, money and cocaine. Lots and lots of cocaine. Push is known for his obsession with the drug that he spent his teenage years selling in the streets of Brooklyn. However, among all the narcotic references, Pusha T also fired some shots at Drake.

Drake has previously been outed for using ghostwriters to pen some of his biggest hits and this was something Pusha alluded to when he re-worded a Drake lyric from Poetic Justice to read:

"How could you ever right these wrongs/When you don't even write your songs?"

The line was one of the closing lines of the album and was seen as a clear declaration of war by Pusha. However, while the hype machine went into overdrive, no one could have predicted what was to follow.

Drake swiftly responded, releasing Duppy Freestyle: a diss track in which he fired shots at Pusha's lack of commercial success, as well as invoicing the 41-year-old for resurrecting his career. Fans rejoiced at Drake's track, with the majority of people thinking that was the end of that.

Except, it wasn't. It really, REALLY wasn't.

What followed was Pusha T embarking on a one-man mission to essentially destroy and annihilate Drake's entire existence. Appearing a few days on from Duppy Freestyle, Push dropped The Story of Adidon, in which he fired shots at Drake's mom, dad and revealed that the Toronto-born rapper has a secret son with the former adult actress, Sophie Brussaux.

"Since you name-dropped my fiancée

"Let 'em know who you chose as your Beyoncé

"Sophie knows better as your baby mother

"Cleaned her up for IG, but the stench is on her

"A baby's involved, it's deeper than rap

"We talkin' character, let me keep with the facts

"You are hiding a child, let that boy come home," he rapped.

But who is Sophie Brussaux? Well, she was born in France in 1990 and now resides in New York City. She is best known as Rosee Diviniem - the stage name she used when appearing in adult films.

Now, however, Sophie has retired from the industry and spends her time focussing on her artwork and prints. It's believed that Sophie got pregnant in January 2017, around the time that she was pictured getting close and personal with Drake and, in text messages obtained by TMZ, it's alleged that Drake asked the 28-year-old to have an abortion.

Sophie has previously described him as a "deadbeat dad," and their relationship has been thrown into the spotlight since the Pusha T tracked dropped. Since the attention on the former adult actress began to increase, she has now reverted her Instagram to private and is yet to say anything on the matter. Despite this, she has changed her bio to "D E A D B E A T" and has even put a link through to "Story of Adidon" in the bio. Ouch.

It remains to be seen what Drake's response to the Pusha track will be. But, given the extreme lengths that Push has shown that he will go to, Drizzy may be best to avoid carrying this one on.