Melissa McCarthy and her husband wore matching tracksuits on the Oscars after-party red carpet

Melissa McCarthy and her husband wore matching tracksuits on the Oscars after-party red carpet

I don't know about you guys, but it's always been a dream of mine to be in the type of relationship where we can wear matching clothes and it's socially acceptable.

While an extra-time goal from Croatia stopped my last partner and I wearing Gareth Southgate-inspired waistcoats to the 2018 World Cup Final, Melissa McCarthy managed to show up to the 91st Academy Awards in matching tracksuits with her husband Ben Falcone, and I'm only a little bit jealous.

You win again, McCarthy. You win again.

Melissa McCarthy tracksuit Credit: Getty

Of course, Melissa McCarthy had the unique bittersweet experience of being nominated for an Oscar and a Razzie Award in the same year, after Can You Ever Forgive Me? and The Happytime Murders got decidedly contrasting critical reactions.

I don't know what McCarthy will wear to the Razzie's (or if she'll even show up), but it's got to be something special if she's to top her appearance at a Vanity Fair afterparty once the dust had settled on the 91st Academy Awards.

Walking onto the red carpet hand-in-hand with husband Ben Falcone in adorable matching Adidas tracksuits, Melissa was quick to dismiss the idea that she was dressing down for the traditionally glamorous afterparty.

"It's not [less glamorous] to me guys, I've doubled my diamonds — I feel great," McCarthy explained, before revealing that the entire escapade was - of course - her idea. "I just thought because we were like, 'Should we change?' and I was like, 'Ooh, I have an idea,'" she explained to Entertainment Tonight.

Ben Falcone, being the best partner ever, was of course immediately excited for the plan. "But I will say that when I heard it I was like, 'Oh God yes. 150% yes. Let's do this,'" Falcone added, while people on Twitter were quick to brand the couple as "couple goals". I don't think they're wrong.

Of course, this all but confirms that Melissa McCarthy is the queen of the awards ceremony - remember the Golden Globes? If you're a fan of ham sandwiches, you probably do: Melissa McCarthy brought a ton of them - 30 of them, to be exact - to the awards show, and people were understandably delighted.

"I’ve been handing them out to everyone," she explained to Variety at the time, while other celebrities wondered how she'd done it in the first place, like Jessica Chastain. "But [the sandwich] it’s a good idea because by the time you get into the ballroom dinner has already been served, and you’re always so hungry."

Well, there you have it, folks - I don't know if you'll be at an awards show any time soon, but if you happen to be there, keep an eye out for Melissa McCarthy. If she's not wearing something incredible, she's probably got a sandwich for you.