Mia Khalifa blasts eager fans after hitting 17 million followers on Instagram

Mia Khalifa blasts eager fans after hitting 17 million followers on Instagram

Many of us aspire to achieve fame and fortune, but few of us really consider the less glamorous things that go hand-in-hand with becoming a celebrity.

There are many things that can make being famous absolute hell; the grueling schedules, the non-stop criticism, and the fans. Now, many of us would believe that having a dedicated and loyal fanbase would be one of the greatest things life has to offer - but how many of us could really stand to be interrupted during our daily routines and have a stranger try to take a selfie with us as we shop around Walmart.

Former adult actress-turned-sports commentator-turned-social media personality recently hit an enviable 17 million followers on image-sharing site Instagram. However, instead of praising her loyal fans, she took a tongue-in-cheek approach and told them to "leave [her] the f**k alone".

Khalifa has always been very open and honest - even documenting her surgery after a rogue hockey puck "deflated" one of her implants:

Taking to Instagram to celebrate her milestone, Khalifa simultaneously thanked and slammed her fans in the image caption, writing:

"17 Million of you crazies [...] thank you so so soooo much!!! I love every single one of you, but please leave me the fuck alone if you see me at an airport before 9 AM. The encounter is guaranteed to be unpleasant."

Now, I'm sure some of us will read that caption and think, "Ah, she's just joking" - but it certainly sounds like there's a huge grain of truth in there.

Khalifa has found an unsurprising level of popularity on Instagram, and now takes uses her time on the site to promote food, travel, and her love of sports. In fact, her Insta bio reads: "Food. Sports. Travel. Lebanon made me, but DC raised me."

The 26-year-old even used the platform to talk about her time in the adult film industry, revealing she made less than $12,000 during her brief career:

What do you think of Khalifa's message to her fans? Is she right to ask for a little privacy or should she be thankful to all her fans at all times of the day, as they're the ones ensuring those paychecks are coming through the post?
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