Mia Khalifa savages fan who got a 'creepy' tattoo of her face

Mia Khalifa savages fan who got a 'creepy' tattoo of her face

Tattoos are becoming such a common part of society that it now seems rarer to not have one than to have one. Whether it's tribal bands, mandalas or something personal, plenty of people have a range of tattoos designed for a variety of different reasons.

For some people, they're such big fans of a band, movie or celebrity that they get them referenced on their body forever. However, when it comes to celebrity tattoos, there is one stumbling block: most celebrities are jerks.

With the rise of social media, more and more celebrities are being outed as racists and sexual predators, making it a difficult time to get a celebrity-related tattoo due to the fear of the stories that will end up exposing their true nature.

However, for some people, they still press on with their celebrity inkings and more often than not, they will share the photo online and tag the famous person in the image.

This is exactly what happened with one fan of ex-porn star and now sports news presenter, Mia Khalifa. Khalifa, who is known for upsetting the masses and causing a stir on social media, uploaded an image of a tattoo that a fan got done of her face. But, rather than be honoured by the tattoo, Mia called out the fan in the caption, saying that he was "creepy" for getting the work done and also criticised the skill of the artist involved:

"STOP GETTING TATTOOS OF ME. This is not by any means flattering, it is OUTRIGHT CREEPY.

"Also, I had braces for way too long to accept that uneven picket fence you're calling a smile as decent work, my teeth are fucking perfect.

"Don't finish it, save your money and cover this up with a tribal symbol or some other trashy tattoo you obviously already have if you're willing to put A COMPLETE STRANGERS FACE ON YOUR BODY YOU PSYCHO. Jesus Christ."

Safe to say that fans of the 25-year-old - who shot to fame after starring in an adult movie wearing a hijab - were less than impressed with her reaction.

One user wrote: "The fact he did this should be flattering and convince you that you are on the right path if someone believes in you so much they are willing to tattoo themselves in your honour. If you act like this to all your fans that go above and beyond then you should quit the work you're doing now and pursue something else that's not so public."

Diego Ovalle, the tattoo artist behind the work also responded to Khalifa, saying, "I'm sorry if you do not like it @miakhalifa but my client is f**king happy !!"

The lesson to take away from all of this is: do not get a celebrity tattoo. Not only will they more than likely turn out to be a complete douche, but they also might savage you in front of their 7.4 million followers. I doubt the guy is feeling "f**king happy" about it anymore.