Mia Khalifa shares photo from 'most embarrassing' night to celebrate 13 million followers

Mia Khalifa shares photo from 'most embarrassing' night to celebrate 13 million followers

Social media milestones are always pretty amazing to reach. But while you and I will celebrate that elusive 150 followers like there's no tomorrow, people like Mia Khalifa have a larger figure in mind. In fact, this week, the former porn star celebrated getting 13 million followers on Instagram.

However, while most people would dance around their living room like a fool and raise a glass of champagne to mark the occasion, Khalifa always has to do things little differently.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, she decided to share the "single most embarrassing night of her life" with followers to commemorate the all-important day.

Sharing a picture of herself topless, curled up in a bed of towels in a bathtub, the 25-year-old told her fans of an infamous drunken night from which she still has "stains on the carpet".

"In honor of lucky number 13 MILLION followers, I will share with y’all the single most embarrassing night of my life: @rarachelray decided to make me a bed of towels in her BATHTUB because I wouldn’t stop throwing up on everything and everyone," she wrote. "Yes, that is throw up in my hair, yes, she was almost just as drunk as me and still managed to play mommy, yes, I am a fucking lightweight because I only had 6 drinks."

She continued: "So there ya go. I still have the stains on my carpet to remind me of it every day ? the following day consisted of ordering $120 worth of Whataburger and lots of cringing from hearing what I did in the midst of my blackout ? #ThisIsWhyIDontDrink#FreshmanForever". [sic]

Needless to say, it was an unusual way to celebrate the big one-three, but the Lebanese-American star's followers loved it and took to the comment section to express their appreciation, with many writing of how "cute" and "adorable" she looked in the bathtub.

It's nothing out of the ordinary for Khalifa to mark social media milestones on Instagram. When she hit 11 million in October 2018, she shared an adored black and white video of her dancing about in her dressing gown in Copenhagen.

In her caption, the controversial star jokingly bashed her haters, writing: "11 Million followers, holy S**T!!!!! Thank y’all so much, I love each and every one of you and that was a complete lie because some of y’all are the worst specimens in this universal dimension. But here’s a throwback that perfectly displays my current mood from when I was in Copenhagen with my love @robertsandberg".

In August 2018, the former adult film star hit 10 million followers and uploaded a hilarious video of her manager putting her head in a cake.

"I wanted to eat an entire cake in one sitting to celebrate 10 Million followers, but my soon to be former manager had other plans ?? thank y’all so much for all the love, and even more so for the hate ? #HatersGonnaHate #CakersGonnaCake," she wrote.

These celebrations keep on getting better and better. So, what's going to happen when Mia hits 14 million? Watch this space!