Miley Cyrus has a mullet now and fans are stunned

Miley Cyrus has a mullet now and fans are stunned

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the every movement of the world's most famous celebrities will be commented upon and dissected online by both their legions of fans and the paparazzi that follow them, hoping for the best shots.

And perhaps no-one is more acutely aware of this phenomenon right now than Miley Cyrus, who can barely write a two-line tweet without someone reporting on it, reading too much into it, or wondering if it somehow relates to Liam Hemsworth in some abstract manner no-one could quite predict.

All of which is to say, it must have been a pretty exhausting couple of months for both Cyrus and Hemsworth, after it was announced that the couple had split.

But Miley is still living her life, and seems to be managing to have some fun even in the midst of all the hysteria and speculation surrounding her.

Check out this video of Miley dancing in a bikini while on vacation:

And now, Miley has managed to stop the presses all over again, after she posted a picture of herself to her Instagram story rocking what Cosmopolitan describes as a "modern mullet".

Now, to say that fan opinion on her new barnet is split would be an understatement, but personally I think she's rocking it, and good luck to her.

Without further ado, here's her new chop:

Credit: Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Per Cosmo, one stunned fan took to Instagram to write;

“This is the worst haircut I’ve ever laid my eyes on u call urself a hairstylist 😢 now this is gonna be all over TMZ and the news plus the locals that don’t like Miley are gonna think she’s going through a meltdown again why can’t we ever win gonna go cry now bye! That was all.”

This video shows the time Miley delighted her fans with a surprise Hannah Montana throwback look:

Fair to say they weren't keen on the new 'do.

Frankly, I think it's a good chop, and each to their own. Miley's got the right to experiment with her hair just like anyone else, and as it transpires, it was her own mom who helped her achieve the new look, rather than her hairstylist.

You keep rocking, Miley!