Millie Bobby Brown, 14, says Drake, 31, texts her advice about boys, and the internet is concerned

Millie Bobby Brown, 14, says Drake, 31, texts her advice about boys, and the internet is concerned

It seemed like Millie Bobby Brown and Drake had a cute relationship. She's a fan of his music. He's a fan of Stranger Things. She slays Demigorgons. He slayed Meek Mill. They have so much in common! At a Golden Globes after party Millie took a photo with Drake, and wrote the humorous caption, "blessed to have my security be my +1." The internet loved their blossoming friendship.

Millie went on to say she plans to see Drake in November, when his Aubrey and the Three Migos tour stops by Atlanta. When one of the hosts asked what kind of advice Drake gives her, she replied, "About boys, he helps me." When pressed to elaborate, she laughed, saying, "That stays in the text messages!"

The hosts and Millie treat the messages like an innocent exchange, a harmless conversation between big bro and lil' sis. Or mentor and mentee; remember, Drake started off as a teenage actor on Degrassi: Teh Next Generation. However, some Twitter users thought their relationship was "straight up creepy." Isn't it kind of weird for a 31-year-old guy to text boy advice and "I miss you so much" to a 14-year-old girl?

Recently Drake was spotted cozying up with 18-year-old model Bella Harris, who is the daughter of singer and songwriter Jimmy Jam. The two took a photo together, apparently backstage at Madison Square Garden, where Drake was performing. "No place I’d rather be," she wrote in the caption.

Page Six and E! reported that the two had dinner together in Washington, D.C., fueling rumors that they were dating. In a caption to a selfie on Instagram, Bella denied the reports. The nature of their relationship is unclear, but they've known each other for a few years, dating back to a photo they took together than Bella was 16.

With rumors swirling about Drake's relationship with Bella, some people expressed concern that he was "grooming" Millie.

Also, some people questioned the quality of Drake's dating advice, considering what he raps about in his music.

Well, maybe the Twitter detectives are onto something, or maybe this is all much ado about nothing. Recently we learned that Drake sent thirsty text messages to supermodel Heidi Klum, following an episode of Ellen. (Heidi and Ellen played a game of Would You Rather, and Heidi said she only had eyes for the Toronto rapper.) Nothing happened, because Heidi is currently seeing someone. But if something does happen, Heidi's 45, so the internet has nothing to worry about.