Model suing Kevin Hart for $60 million says she was "secretly recorded" for intimate tape

Model suing Kevin Hart for $60 million says she was "secretly recorded" for intimate tape

A model is suing Kevin Hart for $60 million (£48.4m), saying she was "secretly recorded" in a sex tape with the comedian in 2017, The Independent reports.

In the lawsuit, 28-year-old Montia Sabbag, claimed she had sex with Hart three times in a Las Vegas hotel suite when she was partying with him in Nevada's entertainment capital back in August of 2017.

The news comes two weeks after it was reported that the actor and comedian was hospitalised with "major back injuries" following a car crash in California.

You can see the extent of the crash in the CBS report below:

The model says she had consensual sex with Hart in his room at the Cosmopolitan, however, was totally unaware that there were cameras hidden in the room.

The suit also states that the three-minute-long video, which shows the 28-year-old naked from the waist down, was posted online in September 2017.

Furthermore, Sabbag is accusing Hart of "conspiring" with his friend Jonathan "JT" Jackson to film the intimate encounter for the sake of generating publicity for his upcoming 'Irresponsible' comedy tour. Sabbag claims Hart gave Jackson permission to record them in Hart’s suite, despite him being married to Eniko Parrish at the time.

The complaint reads: "Hart conspired with Jackson to intentionally record Ms. Sabbag naked and engaged in private sexual relations with Hart in a private bedroom at the Cosmopolitan without her knowledge or consent for the purpose of obtaining tremendous financial benefit for himself."

Back when the video was posted, Hart claimed he was being extorted. Jonathan Todd Jackson was arrested and charged with extortion, to which he pleaded not guilty.

Remember when Kevin Hart Facetimed Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson while co-hosting The Tonight Show?

Per The Sun, Hart made a grovelling public apology on Instagram back in September of 2017 to his pregnant wife Eniko and two children, confessing to a "bad error of judgment". The star claimed somebody had been targeting him for "financial gain" over the incident - the specifics of which were never divulged.