Monobrow model reveals she has received "death threats" as a result of her bushy eyebrows

Monobrow model reveals she has received "death threats" as a result of her bushy eyebrows

Striking model Sophia Hadjipanteli has well and truly made her mark on Instagram. With a current follower count of 292k, the Cypriot model is set to become one of the photo-sharing app's most recognisable faces.

Hadjipanteli began attracting a great deal of attention in 2017 and early 2018 when her efforts in the "Unibrow Movement" started hitting headlines. As self-proclaimed founder of the movement, Hadjipanteli dedicates much of her time to encouraging young women to be comfortable in their own skin - facial hair and all.

Unfortunately, given that the message of loving yourself for what you are is a radical one amongst internet trolls, Hadjipanteli receives a lot of hateful comments on her posts. In fact, in a recent interview on UK breakfast show Good Morning Britain, she revealed that she struggles to avoid the negative comments.

This is the moment the outspoken influencer spoke with Piers Morgan about the death threats she receives because of her looks:

"I get a lot of death threats funnily enough, I guess it’s not that funny," she revealed to Piers Morgan and his stunned co-host Susanna Reid. "I definitely get a lot of negative reactions, I’m not going to sit here and say a lot of them are positive because that’s obviously not the case. Most are negative."

"It’s disgusting but then you think how is it that somewhere somebody has been told that it’s so unacceptable to look the way I do that it infuriates them to the point where they have to threaten my life," she continued.

"I think it has to do with this ongoing conversation that we are being brought up in a society that not only favourites but encourages people to go down one road. It’s quite a strongly paved road."

A number of viewers took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Hadjipanteli's unfortunate Instagram experience:

While Morgan slammed the hateful comments, referring to the model as "beguiling", Hadjipanteli admitted that she lacks the patience to report them.