Neil Patrick Harris claims Whoopi Goldberg promised to sleep with him when he was '15 or 16'

Neil Patrick Harris claims Whoopi Goldberg promised to sleep with him when he was '15 or 16'

Don't you just love it when we find out hidden secrets about celebrities?

Well, get excited, because we have a doozy for you. When Neil Patrick Harris recently appeared on American panel show The View, he stunned the audience by revealing a risqué secret about Whoopi Goldberg.

It all started when the pair's 1988 film Clara's Heart was brought up. The American drama movie, which told the story of a family in crisis, was Patrick's debut role and he was only a teenager when he starred in it.

It was all pretty innocent at first, with Goldberg giggling and telling her former co-star: "I’m laughing because I remember you at that age."

However, the nostalgic moment was turned on its head when Harris revealed that the older actress promised to sleep with him when he was "15 or 16".

"You know, I did my first movie ever with Whoopi Goldberg – a movie called Clara’s Heart – and we worked together on that," the 45-year-old said. "I was 15, 16 years old. She told me on my last day of shooting, that in ten years time she was going to have sex with me."

The audience was left stunned, erupting in a mixture of shock and laughter at the news of the mildly inappropriate proposition. However, the now 62-year-old Goldberg was cool as a cucumber, sitting at the opposite end of the table with a smirk and quipping: "I might’ve!"

She continued to explain her comments, as well attacking the PC society many people believe we live in, saying: "He had many questions as a kid, so I said, ‘Listen, wait 10 years, and I’ll take you through it.’ In those days, you could actually have some fun like that. You can’t do that now. People get very upset now."

Fortunately for the Sister Act actress, the How I Met Your Mother star found the whole situation highly amusing, stating that he was "not offended" and was "looking forward to it".

In response to the suggestion that the romp in the sheets still could happen, Goldberg said: "Well, if I can find it, you can have it."

In the same interview, the Series of Unfortunate Events actor spoke out about his own experience coming out as gay, ahead of National Coming Out Day on Thursday

"When I came out, the ceiling didn't crash in — I was able to stand taller and be more ... transparent about who I was," the actor, who has been married to his husband David Burtka since 2014, told the co-hosts. "I didn't have to be so guarded. And in turn, I think that allows your light to shine a little bit brighter."

He continued: "Some people... know who they are at a very, very early age —- and some people are married with kids and are still struggling with it. There's religious reasons, there's political reasons, there's familial reasons."

Harris finished up by saying that he "applauds" the holiday, stating that some "can use it as a conversation starter if they're not sure about how to broach the conversation."

Well, that sure was a mixed bag of interview topics.