Nicki Minaj speaks out over video of Kylie Jenner appearing to avoid her at the VMAs

Nicki Minaj speaks out over video of Kylie Jenner appearing to avoid her at the VMAs

Nicki Minaj seems to be feuding with everyone these days. Her Twitter argument with ex-boyfriend Safaree was truly one for the ages, but that wasn't the last we heard of her this month. You could say that Minaj could start an argument with a baby. Oh wait... she did.

It all started when Minaj went on a Twitter rant after her highly-anticipated fourth album, Queen, came in second on the Billboard charts, selling 185,000 copies. Travis Scott's Astroworld took the top spot, selling 205,000 copies, but Nicki wasn't happy about it. In fact, she accused him of artificially inflating his numbers, by selling "season pass" bundles for his tour.

"Travis sold over 50K of these," Minaj wrote. "With no requirement of redeeming the album! With no dates for a tour, etc. I spoke to him. He knows he doesn’t have the #1 album this week."

She's right about the online bundles, but to be fair, she was guilty of the same.

The rant continued, however, and she ended up bringing Kylie Jenner into the mix. Before long, Travis and Kylie's baby, Stormi, got involved too. Yep, that's right, the six-month-old apparently had something to do with her #2 spot.

As you can expect, Twitter relentlessly took the p*ss out of her.

Not stopping there, Nicki later hit back at Travis, calling the rapper a "stupid f*ck," and nicknaming him "AutoTune Man".

With the MTV Video Music Awards happening soon after, everyone was bracing for what could go down - especially when it became clear that Kylie and Travis were assigned seats behind Minaj.

According to TMZ, Travis and Kylie asked for their seats to be moved - so it seemed that things were running a little tense. That's when Minaj came back to say that the whole ordeal was down to "sarcasm/dry humor'. Yeah, okay Nicki.

With Nicki claiming to be "having the most icoNIC time" and telling everyone to "loosen up", and Kylie and Travis staying quiet on the whole matter, you might have expected them to politely smile at one another and otherwise avoid getting into any crazy behaviour in front of the cameras when the VMAs came around.

When they both took to the red carpet, something pretty awkward happened. In the below video, you hear the crowd chant Nicki's name as she arrived. Then Kylie arrives, coming towards Minaj, and fans start shouting her name. For a moment, it sounds like gladiatorial combat is about to take place, but before the two could draw swords (let's face it, Nicki would win hands-down), Kylie bailed and found a way to get away from the encounter.

Speaking on Queen Radio, Nicki cleared things up for those wondering what she was thinking about the Travis-Kylie situation (or at least what she wants us to think):

"I f*cking love Kylie and so do my fans. Kim was on my first episode of Queen Radio—f*cking love her. We’re not going to make something that it’s not. We’re not going to start any dumbass cat fights for your entertainment.

"This is strictly music, between musicians… She supported her man like she should. Me and my fans are not feeding into this."

Do you believe her? Or is this all going to go south again next time she launches into a Twitter rant?