North West asked mom Kim Kardashian why she's famous and her response is hilarious

North West asked mom Kim Kardashian why she's famous and her response is hilarious

It's one of the greatest puzzles of the modern age: why are the Kardashians famous?

We understand that their dad, Robert Kardashian, was a pretty big deal as an attorney, and - yes - we obviously remember that Kim K went viral after her sex tape with Ray J got leaked in 2007... but why are they *still* famous in 2019? They don't sing or dance or act. They don't write or direct or produce. A couple of them have makeup and clothing lines, sure, but that alone does not account for the extreme level of fame they enjoy.

It's a great mystery of life - one that even members of the Kardashian family have started to question.

Yes, the notorious family's very own North West - Kim's oldest child with husband, Kanye - is now at an age where she realises that her folks aren't what most of us would consider to be "normal".

Luckily for her, though, she was actually in a position to ask what the situation was with their fame, and how exactly they had come to achieve it.

Speaking on The Big Boys radio show, Kim said: "[North] was like, 'Mom, why are you famous?' And I was like, 'Oh. OK. I'm going to have to explain this.' And I'm like, 'We have a TV show.' And she was like, 'Oh...OK.'"

But the conversation has continued since then, with Kim telling Jimmy Kimmel this week that she and her sisters have made a conscious effort to ensure that their children understand their situation, and what it means to be famous.

North has just about grasped what this means - enough to show up her parents, anyway.

"The other day I took North to a wedding and she was rolling down the window and going: 'Kim Kardashian's in here!' like, screaming to all the drivers, saying: 'Hi! I'm North West! Kanye West is my dad!'" Kim told Kimmel. "And I was just, like, 'Oh my gosh,' rolling up the window and putting on the child-lock."

You can check out the clip here:

Kimmel then went on to show a preview of the new series of KUWTK, in which North asks why people keep taking pictures of her and her family wherever they go.

Kim clearly has a good-natured response to this, and tells her child that "Daddy is a singer, performer, artiste," and that, "Mommy... has so many talents I can't even begin to name them."

The interaction is actually a lot cuter than it sounds:

And you know what, watching those clips, it's slowly becoming more apparent why the Kardashians are famous.

No, they can't sing or direct or write or whatever else amounts to a talent worthy of fame these days - but they are endlessly entertaining to watch, and their drama is totally unrivalled... and maybe that's enough.