Offset's alleged mistress apologizes to Cardi B in tearful video after split announcement

Offset's alleged mistress apologizes to Cardi B in tearful video after split announcement

Yesterday Cardi B announced she has broken up with Offset, after just one year of marriage. (I wonder if she regrets putting his name in so many of her raps?) The two got married in a secret ceremony in September 2017, and have one child, a four-month old daughter, Kulture. In an Instagram video, Cardi said they "grew out of love" and were unable to resolve their issues.

"I've been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now," said the Bodak Yellow rapper. "We're really good friends and you know we're really good business partners. And you know he's always someone that I run to to talk to, and we got a lot of love for each other. But things just haven't been working out between us for a long time, and it's nobody's fault. It's just, like, I guess we grew out of love, but we're not together anymore. I don't know, it might take time to get a divorce. And I'm always gonna have a lot of love for him because he is my daughter's father. "

In the comments section to Cardi B's video, Offset posted this cryptic response: "y'all won". It is not clear who "y'all" are or how they "won." Fans have been scratching their heads over this comment, wondering if there's more to the story behind the breakup. Shortly afterward, TMZ reported a shocking story, alleging that Offset tried to set up a threesome with rapper Cuban Doll and Instagram model Summer Bunni. The media outlet cites a screenshot of text messages in which Offset allegedly tries to arrange this Cardi-less ménage à trois.

Neither Kiari Kendrell Cephus (Offset's real name) or Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar (Cardi's real name) commented on these rumors. However, Summer Bunni released a tearful video apologizing to Cardi B for her actions, which seems to corroborate the rumor. "I have not messed with Offset since he's had his baby. I didn't know how serious his marriage was," said the 20-year-old model. "It took until today to get into this, seeing everything... I never wanted to break up a happy home."

On social media, many people mocked Summer Bunni for claiming she was aware how serious Cardi B and Offset's marriage was. (Uh, it's a marriage, and they have a kid?) Bunni went on to share a written apology on Instagram, responding to the frenzy of attention. "Seeing another woman's pain does not bring me any joy, nor do I [think] it's funny," she said. "I've always been for women supporting each other, but in this situation not only myself but others failed."

And here's a plot twist: Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Summer Bunni appeared the in music video for FEFE, a collaboration between Tekashi 6ix9ine and (dun-dun-dun!) Nicki Minaj. As you probably know, Nicki and Cardi have been embroiled in a nasty, shoe-throwing feud all year. Is it just a coincidence that Bunni appeared in that video? Or is Nicki Minaj an evil mastermind, who orchestrated a diabolical plan for revenge? The "three-way" text messages allegedly occurred around the same time the video was shot. And earlier, TMZ reported that Nicki made 6ix9ine change his lyrics on one song because he mentioned Fashion Nova, who has a collaboration with Cardi B.

Cardi has not responded to any of this yet, but she did share an adorable photo of Kulture.