People are calling Machine Gun Kelly the original Stan after series of old tweets are unearthed

People are calling Machine Gun Kelly the original Stan after series of old tweets are unearthed

The bad blood between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem is reaching an absolute fever pitch this week, and the two rappers have been lambasting each other left right and centre. The controversy has gotten their fans more and more riled up. The trouble began after Kelly put his foot in it, making some pretty lascivious comments about Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade. Then, in MGK's song "Rap Devil" the 28-year-old claimed that Eminem was trying to sideline his career, and even went so far as to stat on Twitter that he was "standing up for not just myself, but my generation. [I'm] doing the same sh*t you did back in your day."

In response to this, Eminem released the absolutely savage diss track "Killshot", where he launches a tirade at Kelly that many fans are pronouncing as the end of the latter's career. The track now boasts over 50 million views on YouTube, and has attained critical and commercial success. But Kelly hasn't been taking the diss lying down either, and has been disparaging Slim at every turn during his live performances.

However, this week some social media sleuths have done a little digging, and unearthed tweets from way back which seem to prove that Kelly might be somewhat hypocritical. Indeed, before he became Eminem's number one nemesis, it seems as though he was actually a Slim Shady fanboy himself, and cheerfully admitted to being a 'Stan' - in other words, he was once so obsessed with Eminem that he would write long, rambling letters and then become homicidal when Eminem ignored him. Yikes. It's almost sad how far he's fallen since then, huh?

For instance, on April 23, 2013, Kelly tweeted: "The best birthday gift ever would be if the legend himself @Eminem came to watch our show tonight in Detroit. (one can dream, right!?)" and on August 10, 2o12, he wrote: "I'm gonna tweet that I wanna meet @Eminem one time every day for the rest of my life until it happens." Yup - hardly the kind of praise you'd expect to hear from Eminem's supposed archenemy, right?

So could it be that the real reason that MGK is so pissed off with Eminem is because he never replied to all those tweets he made back in the past. Seems as though, like the eponymous Stan, he craved attention from his idol, which wasn't reciprocated, and because his feelings were hurt he decided to make a diss track for revenge. Not only that, but since then Kelly has deleted those old tweets, and people only found them because they had been archived elsewhere. Man, I think I really feel sorry for him now, this might just offer a whole new perspective on why things have gotten so bitter between the two artists.