People are obsessing over this old photo of Meghan Markle outside Buckingham Palace

People are obsessing over this old photo of Meghan Markle outside Buckingham Palace

In case you missed it: Meghan Markle got married this weekend, and now she's basically a real-life princess (well, a Duchess, but who's bothered about labels when your grandma-in-law is the queen?). Millions of Brits tuned in to watch the ceremony on TV and billions of fans around the world joined in celebrating the big event, which was historic for many different reasons.

When you consider that Markle only met Prince Harry fewer than two years ago, though, it all seems to have moved pretty quickly for her. One day, she's a well-known American TV actress, and the next she's attending Prince Charles' birthday party at Buckingham Palace while a dozen other members of the royal family curtsey to her.

However, it seems that the former Suits star might have had at least one close run-in with her now-husband in the past, as a picture from 22 years ago shows her sitting on some railings outside Buckingham Palace.

At the time the picture was taken, Markle was just a 15-year-old tourist doing some sightseeing. But now, in retrospect, it almost looks as if the teen knew she'd end up there someday.

When shown the picture, however, not everyone was surprised. Indeed, one of the Duchess' former pals said that Markle always expressed a desire to be part of the British Royal family.

"I'm not shocked at all," said Markle's childhood best friend, Ninaki Priddy - the other girl in the photo. "It's like she has been planning this all her life."

However, it seems that Priddy may have been a tad bitter that it was Markle - and not her - who wound up with a guest room in Buckingham Palace, as she went on to say that, "[Markle] gets exactly what she wants and Harry has fallen for her play. She was always fascinated by the Royal Family. She wants to be Princess Diana 2.0. She will play her role ably, but my advice to him is to tread cautiously."

Twitter, on the other hand, had a much more positive approach to the photo, and decided that they would follow in her footsteps by lingering outside the known locations of people they wanted to marry:

Others believed they'd already been met with the same fate:

And some just memed the crap out of the situation:

The original tweet has now been shared almost 140,000 times and liked by more than 360,000 Twitter users - so, not matter whether you think it was fate or coincidence, it has to be said that a lot of people found the whole scenario pretty cool.

I have to admit, though, as someone who as also visited Buckingham Palace a number of times and taken a touristy snap or two, a tiny part of me hopes that the Meghan Markle photo effect is real. Of course, Will and Harry are taken now, so I've got no shot at being a princess - but if one of their hot cousins want to hit me up: please, go ahead.