People desperately want to own a Khloé Kardashian original painting after she pranked Kris Jenner

People desperately want to own a Khloé Kardashian original painting after she pranked Kris Jenner

On the face of it, the Kardashians are able to sell pretty much anything. Honestly, if they stuck their name on any product, people would buy it. Imagine Kardashian bananas - they'd sell out. Tables? Probably. Appetite suppressants? Unfortunately, this has already happened. However, their latest foray into the world of product marketing is a little more bizarre... art.

Now, this is not a slant on the most famous family in the world, but they're not exactly known as artistic. While Kim may be a leading light in the world of fashion, she is the first to admit that many of her looks are styled by her husband Kanye West. And, looking at images of her before she met the rapper, her fashion choices were, shall we say... questionable.

When it comes to art, however, the Kardashians rarely get a mention. While they may have vast collections of extremely expensive work, they're not known as key figures in the art world. But this might be about to change.

The latest series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been causing a right old storm online. Whether it's the sisters having a huge argument, Khloé dealing with being a mom, or her and Scott Disick's latest prank - there's already been a lifetime's worth of drama in the space of 2 episodes.

The prank began after Kris Jenner "art-shamed" Khloé for not knowing the work of Jeff Koons. "My mom has not known about art for years and years," Khloé tells the camera. "She's just learning."

Wanting to get her mom back for the shaming, Khloé enslisted Scott Disick to help her prank Kris. "We could sue her. Do you want to get a lawyer on the line?" Scott says when Kris' art-shaming was becoming an issue. "No, I want to art-shame her back," Khloé replies.

Now it's important to remember that a Kardashian Prank is extremely different from what we can pull off.  These guys have a lot of money, meaning their jokes can be way more extravagant than ours.

So, channelling their inner-prankster, Khloé and Scott hired an actor to play an imaginary artist, 'Art Vandelay' in order to expose Kris' interest in art as flimsy and uninformed.

The duo takes Kris to an art gallery and the actor dupes her into believing that he's the next big thing in the art world. Scott then adds insult to injury by dropping random names Kris pretends to be familiar with.

"Kris is pretty funny when you get her going, because you basically drop any French or Italian style name who sounds elegant, she'll ... act like she knows them," he says.

From there, Khloé and Scott decide to paint some 'abstract' paintings and convince Kris to hang the 'Vandelay work' in her house.

However, while the whole thing may have been poking fun at Kris Jenner, people were left impressed by Khloé's art skills, with plenty of fans wanting to get their hands on her paintings.

The Kardashians, hey? They could sell sand in the desert.