Pete Davidson covered up an Ariana Grande tattoo, and the message is pretty dramatic

Pete Davidson covered up an Ariana Grande tattoo, and the message is pretty dramatic

Last summer, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande had the ultimate 'rebound relationship.' Grande had just split up from rapper Mac Miller; Davidson had just called it quits with Cazzie David, the daughter of Curb Your Enthusiam's Larry David. Together, the SNL comedian and pop princess had a whirlwind summer romance, and got engaged to be married within weeks.

Despite the internet falling in love with the unlikely pair, their engagement wasn't meant to be. Following Mac Miller's tragic death from an accidental drug overdose, cracks appeared in their relationship, and it just couldn't stay afloat. Grande went on to create the epic breakup anthem, 'thank u next,' giving Davidson and Miller a bittersweet sendoff. Meanwhile, Davidson struggled with mental health issues, but appears to have made a recovery - and might be on the rebound with 45-year-old actress Kate Beckinsale.

Pete Davidson Ariana Grande Matching tattoos Credit: Getty

Now that they're both moving on with their lives, it's time to take care of a piece of unfinished business: covering up their matching tattoos! (What, you don't get your partner's name permanently inked on your body after a few weeks of dating?) Before the couple became an item, Grande got a tattoo on her neck that read "mille tendresse," which is French for "a thousand tendernesses." Davidson later got a matching tattoo, which you can see in the above photo.

Too bad Grande didn't pick French instead of Japanese for her unfortunate '7 Rings' tattoo. As you probably heard, she wanted to get the title of her new I'm-rich-bitch anthem inked on the palm of her hand in Japanese. The phrase is inspired by a true story, the time she got drunk and bought herself and her six best friends engagement rings at Tiffany's in New York.

"You know how when you’re waiting at Tiffany’s they give you lots of champagne?” she asked Billboard. "They got us very tipsy, so we bought seven engagement rings, and when I got back to the studio I gave everybody a friendship ring."

However, something got lost in translation, and the tattoo ended up reading "Japanese BBQ Grill." Then, she checked with her Japanese translator and tried to fix it, but something got lost in translation again. Instead of "Japanese BBQ Grill," the design now reads "Japanese BBQ Finger." (Oof.) Meanwhile, "7 Rings" in French is "Sept Anneaux." Easy peasy!

Anyway, Davidson recently covered up that Ariana Grande tattoo, and the message is pretty dramatic. On Instagram, tattoo artist Jon Mesa revealed two new designs on the comedian: the Tootsie Pop Owl, and the word CURSED, in black capital letters over "a thousand tendernesses."

Cursed Credit: Instagram

Well, that seems kind of dark. Why not go with "BLESSED" - you're on Saturday Night Live and you dated Ariana Grande for longer than most of us! Oh, well, who am I to talk? I have a face tattoo that reads "LIMP BIZKIT 4EVER" and that, uh, didn't age well. (Kidding, of course...or am I?!)