Photos emerge of Jude Law looking absolutely ripped in tighty-whities on the beach and the internet is screaming

Photos emerge of Jude Law looking absolutely ripped in tighty-whities on the beach and the internet is screaming

Jude Law has been something of a heartthrob for a very long time now.

Way back in 2004 he recreated Michael Caine's eponymous womaniser in the remake of the classic film Alfie, before stealing all of our hearts as the loveable book editor in The Holiday. He's even managed to get fans thirsting over a more youthful version of Albus Dumbledore in the recent Fantastic Beasts movie, all three-piece suits and looks of polite inquisition.

What I'm trying to say is this; Jude Law is a very good looking man. Jude Law is also a celebrity, which means that he doesn't merely get the 'normal' amount of attention that a good looking person could expect; an admiring nod in the street, perhaps a covert look or two in the gym. No, instead, Jude is unable to merely go for a stroll in some - admittedly rather startling - tighty-whities along the beach without sending the internet in its entirety into meltdown.

Ok, sure, I'm being slightly disingenuous.

Jude was actually filming scenes for upcoming HBO series The New Pope, and as I mentioned before, the pants were quite remarkably short and oh, I don't know, he's absolutely ripped now as well. I mean seriously, just have a look;

And it's fair to say, people were totally on board with the look.

Oh, and just a reminder from one fan here that the actor is 46 years old;

It's fair to say that, having reevaluated my life goals in the last five minutes, I am now making it my aim - no, my quest - to stroll down a beach, jacked beyond all recognition, in a pair of tighty-whities just as scandalous as the ones Jude is rocking in these snaps.

I mean come on;

Jude Law walking on beach Credit: Twitter

Jude Law walking on beach Credit: Twitter

If this isn't a covert 'come get me' to the producers of James Bond, then I don't know what is; emerging from the shallows with a body that looks as though it was carved out of granite by God himself, steely gaze, jaw locked. All he's missing is a Martini glass and an improbably expensive sports car to hop into, hair still dripping wet from the ocean.

Jude Law on the beach Credit: Twitter

One Twitter user posted a side-by-side comparison of the actor from 20 years ago to today, and it's fair to say he barely looks to have aged a day in the intervening years.

How is it possible to look this good in tighty-whities aged 46? I'm afraid I don't have the answer to that question; all I know is that Jude Law is here to bless your morning with his buff new physique. That, I think, is something we can all rally for.