Pink shows off newly shaved head after 'letting go' of her hair

Pink shows off newly shaved head after 'letting go' of her hair

Pink has just debuted a new look on Instagram, showing off her newly shaved head. Simply captioned, "Letting go", the picture sees the 40-year-old singer holding locks of her own hair as she shows fans the top of her head.

She also shared photos of her tresses on the floor of a salon on her Instagram story, indicating that she had made a drastic change to her hair.

This is the moment Pink stopped her concert to comfort a grieving fan who had recently lost her mom:

Some of Pink's celeb friends have since taken to the comments of the post to praise the Just Give Me A Reason singer for her brand new hairstyle.

"The most liberating!" Kate Hudson wrote, with Selma Blair adding: "Twins!"

And there were plenty more positive comments from fans.

"You are a badass," one fan wrote. "I had to have my head buzzed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I loved how liberating it was."

"You are not your hair!" added another. "You are incredibly talented, loving, kind, and many other wonderful things about you... and you're hot!"

"I just gasped out loud!" added a third. "Gosh I love you and your courage. You rock any hair style."

Some Instagram users responded to the bold new look in a very heartfelt way, drawing poignant connections between Pink's decision not to be "defined by her hair" and their own experiences.

"I lost my hair on chemo," one person wrote. "I felt like such an alien and when it grew back, I felt so ugly. But you, you don’t even realize that by doing this you are telling other women that their beauty is not defined by their hair."

Check out the moment a 10-year-old fan wowed Pink with her incredible voice:

This past September, in fact, Pink's husband Carey Hart shared a photo of their daughter Willow rocking her own partially buzzed head.

He captioned the snap: "Loving my punk rock daughter. Remember everyone, fly your own flag. There is no box to be put in. Its better to be your own self. Own it, and love it. And if anyone has a problem with it, tell them (politely) to move on. Can’t wait to see the woman you grow up to be. I have a feeling you are gonna be strong, fierce, companionate, and caring. I’m so proud of you, Willow."