Post Malone's first public words after his plane made an emergency landing are absolutely perfect

Post Malone's first public words after his plane made an emergency landing are absolutely perfect

Yesterday, a small jet plane carrying Post Malone and 15 other passengers had to make an emergency landing after it blew out two of its tires during takeoff. The incident happened just before 11am, but the plane was forced to circle in the air for nearly four hours before eventually finding a safe place to land at the Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, NY.

Malone, whose real name is Austin Post, took to Twitter shortly after the incident to let his fans know that he was ok - but also to let his haters know how he felt about the various death wishes he'd received.

"I landed guys," he wrote, "thank you for your prayers. Can't believe how many people wished death on me on this website. F**k you. But not today."

Upon learning that the rapper was safe, many people began speculating on what his first thoughts must have been after his plane touched down.

"U know Post Malone came out of that plane with a beer in his hand, cig in his mouth screaming 'I LIVED MOTHERF**KER,'" tweeted one person.

Another said: "I hope @PostMalone lands and immediately does a beer bong."

As it turns out, those people weren't far off, as an interview with TMZ shortly after the landing showed Malone - cigarette in hand - trying to play down the whole incident.

"I f**king hate flying," he said to the interviewer. He then went on to detail exactly what happened, saying that the plane had actually already made one emergency landing earlier on after an alarm went off, but was given the all-clear to go again - and that's when the tires burst.

But the 23-year-old wasn't just going to go about his day as if nothing had happened. In quintessential Malone style, the rapper said: "We're here on Earth, and I need a beer, and I need some wine. At the same time. Mixed together."

He also gave props to the pilots, saying, "They handled it perfectly - it couldn't have gone smoother. We were just stuck in the air for so long not knowing whether we could go down." And, when asked how he reacted to the near-death situation while on board, he said, "I just put everyone in a big group text to tell them I love them - you know, just in case."

Given how endearing his responses were to the situation, then, it was surprising to see how many people had wished for a negative outcome for the rapper.

"Post Malone is one of the nicest and most genuine celebrities out there," tweeted one fan. "Why on earth should anyone have death wishes for him man, that’s just sad s**t."

"If you wished death upon Post Malone you’re f**king disgusting," said another.

Thankfully, most of the tweets about the rapper seemed to be ones of support.

Malone is due to play at the Reading and Leeds festival this weekend in England, and so will have to endure another plane journey very shortly. Hopefully, this next one will run a lot smoother!