Pregnant model's skintight Instagram post leaves fans asking the same toilet-related question

Pregnant model's skintight Instagram post leaves fans asking the same toilet-related question

Despite the fact every woman's pregnancy journey is different, it is generally accepted that most expecting moms will experience the same handful of symptoms.

From morning sickness to bizarre cravings - nearly every mom will be able to share with you an inconvenient consequence from carrying a child. But perhaps the most inconvenient are the non-stop bathroom breaks.

Per Healthline, it is common for pregnant women to have a non-stop urge to urinate, which is "caused by an increase of the hormones progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin", as well as added pressure on the bladder.

Check out Nicole Trunfio in the desert for her recent pregnancy shoot - "There is nothing more pure and grounding than existing in nature, away from anything man-made":

That's why when Australian model Nicole Trunfio shared a picture of her wearing a skintight bodysuit to her 234,000+ Instagram followers, many of her fans were a little perplexed.

Trunfio, 33, captioned the post: "We’re still here, no baby yet! Just more pee samples and the most comfortable piece of clothing in the world @bumpsuit [...] waiting for BB".

But despite looking incredible in her Bumpsuit, most of Trunfio's followers had just one question on their minds: How does she go to the bathroom?

Instagram user litalkenzi commented: "How do you take it off when you want to pee every 10 minutes??"

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And tinasparkle49 wrote: "Do you have to take the whole suit off to wee?"

Trunfio is actually the founder of Bumpsuit, a company dedicated to making stylish and comfortable maternity clothes. Detailing why she decided to start the company, the model writes:

"I created Bumpsuit for women throughout pregnancy & beyond as a go-to layer that can be effortlessly styled into a new outfit each time. One continuous base layer with no bands or seams that dignity mother's precious growing bump. The material gently stretches with the body as it transitions through the seasons of pregnancy and all other stages of womanhood"

And she's certainly not shy of promoting her clothing range on her social media accounts:

But, despite receiving many compliments on how amazing she looks in the Bumpsuit, people in the comments section of the posts just want to know how on earth she goes to the loo:

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Fortunately, Nicole did provide an answer, responding to a couple of the comments saying: "We have easy styles available that you can pull right down, easy to pee!"

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And in response to a pregnant parent asking if she has to get fully undressed every time she wants to go to the toilet, Trunfio said: "We are working on an easy access option for this!"