Prince William and Kate Middleton reveal their favorite foods for when they order takeout

Prince William and Kate Middleton reveal their favorite foods for when they order takeout

Ah, to be a fly on the wall at the Royal dinner table.

We see the likes of the Queen, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle all of the time it seems in public appearances, and royal outings, but there's something about the public spotlight that causes us to withdraw, sometime,. I think that we're most vulnerable when we've got food in front of us, and to that end, seeing the royals chow down must be an experience like no other.

Now. Look away from the Queen and her ultra-specific, ultra-stringent diet. Ignore Megan and her barely-concealed craving for carbs and garlic. Take a look at Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are so quiet, so reserved that we can sometimes forget they're there amidst all the drama of Meghan Markle and whatever she's up to that week.

They seem almost tired of the entire charade, don't they? I'd imagine from time to time, Kate and Will retreat with their three kids to the comfort of their home, and when they do, they might decide to order takeout. Yep, I know that Kate loves to cook, but with three kids to take care of, she doesn't always have the energy. So, takeaway food it is.

But what is it she decides to order? That's a pretty good question, I think, and thanks to that restraining order, it's not a question I was able to answer. But then Will and Kate took a rare interview on BBC1, and it was pretty illuminating if you're a fan of finding out the guilty food pleasures of the Royal Family (you're in the right place for that, by the way).

So, take a gander at the video above, and let's delve into what Kate likes to order when she's in the mood for something a little greasier than usual. When it was put to her the mere concept of a takeaway, the Duchess of Cambridge replied with a wry smile that takeout was "absolutely" on the menu from time to time.

"It's important," added Prince William, and from there, we pretty much had to find out what they chow down on, don't we? "It’s a real conundrum when it comes to a pizza, curry or Chinese," said William, second-in-line to the throne, his mouth probably pooling with anticipatory saliva. "You do struggle for choice sometimes," Kate added, but she's a lot less ambivalent on her end.

"Curry" was the very quick, very decisive answer from Kate, but when it comes to Indian food, Prince William is pretty likely to stay away from the kormas and the vindaloos and stick with the butter chicken. In his own words, he's "not so good with the spicy food", and if nothing else, I have to applaud his honesty.

The only thing, though, is that as a royal, it's not really a great idea to have delivery boys trying to deliver the meals to Buckingham Palace. "We tend to go pick it up," said Prince William, but was quick to add: "not ourselves".

Yeah, that's fair enough, Wills.