Priyanka Chopra reveals the details behind her and Nick Jonas' 'millennial' love story

Priyanka Chopra reveals the details behind her and Nick Jonas' 'millennial' love story

Last month, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married in Jodhpur, India and held two ceremonies. (What, you only had one wedding ceremony? Ha! Your marriage is never going to last!)

In the Hindu ceremony, Priyanka wore a Sabyasachi red lehenga gown, with an embroidered skirt and the names of her parents and fiancé sewn into the waistband. In the Christian ceremony, she wore a sheer white long-sleeve Ralph Lauren gown, with more than two million mother-of-pearl sequins and a spectacular 75-foot-veil. Nobody cares what Nick wore.

After the fairy tale wedding, Nick surprised his new wife with a trip to the Caribbean. On social media, they shared candid photos of their honeymoon, lounging in tropical paradise. However, every vacation has to come to end sometime - otherwise you'd never appreciate vacations.

This week Priyanka appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show and revealed the details behind her and Nick's 'millennial' love story. In a clip posted on Instagram, the actress shares how they first got in touch. "He DMed me actually," said Priyanka. "So millennial of us! He DMed me on Twitter, saying: 'I've heard we should connect and uh... I've heard from common friends that we should meet. What do you think about that? I was like, 'just text me'."

Well, sliding into someone's DM's on Twitter is pretty millennial. But you know what's even more millennial? Popping the question to your romantic partner by planting a ring in an avocado. That was an actual marriage trend last year, and I'm disappointed Nick didn't jump on the bandwagon. Real missed opportunity.

In case you're curious, millennials are the generation born after 1982, while Generation Z refers to those born between the mid-90's and mid-00's. Nick was born in 1992, making him a bonafide self-absorbed, job-hopping, participation trophy millennial. Meanwhile, Priyanka was born in 1982, just barely making the millennial cutoff. Had she been worn one year earlier, she'd be an apathetic, cynical, grunge rock-blasting member of Generation X.

In a longer clip from the interview, Priyanka spills the deets on her three-day, two-ceremony wedding extravaganza:

"Usually Indian weddings are like 1,000 people at least. We only had 200 people which was mostly just family because both of us have giant families. Because I think we just wanted to keep it super intimate, about just family. For an Indian family and an Indian wedding, for sure, that’s like less. My mother was so upset with me the entire time. She was like, 'I need to have another people for the 150,000 people I know. How can I not invite my jeweler? How can I not invite my hairdresser?' So it was a whole conversation."

Ellen complains about getting snubbed from that "intimate" guest list of 200, at which Priyanka leaps up in anger and wrestles the talk show host to the ground. Just kidding. They have pleasant banter about the supposed snub. Congratulations, Priyanka and Nick!