Rapper Post Malone goes 'undercover' in hilarious record store fundraising prank

Rapper Post Malone goes 'undercover' in hilarious record store fundraising prank

With his scruffy hairstyle, facial tattoos, and overall distinctive style, you'd think that just about anyone would be able to recognise Post Malone if they saw him out and about in the real world. I mean, the guy is pretty famous.

As it turns out, however, not many people do.

In a recent partnership with Omaze, the Congratulations artist went "undercover" as a store assistant in a record shop. Donning a white cap, a pair of thick-framed glasses, and a semi-professional looking outfit, Post strolled around the store chatting to customers.

And it's surprisingly entertaining to witness.

The video starts by showing the one woman who did recognise Post for the world-famous musician that he actually is; meanwhile dozens of others interacted with him for several minutes - completely unaware of who they were speaking to.

Post then explains why he is performing the stunt: he's got a Bentley to give away to one lucky fan, and all people have to do to enter the competition is donate $10 to Folds of Honor, a nonprofit organization that sets up scholarships for the spouses and children service members who died or were injured in action.

At one point, Post alludes to this by approaching a guy in the store (in his excellent disguise, obviously), and says that he has a Bentley to give away.

"Would you be interested?" he asks the man.

The guy, who doesn't take Post seriously at all (and who can blame him?), looks a little confused, says "no", and then walks away.

post malone prank Credit: YouTube/Post Malone

After that, he approaches a guy who's into classical music and asks him to listen to some lyrics he's just written. "It's a little dirty," he warns him, "but I think there's a lot to it underneath that."

The guy then reads out the lyrics - much to Post's amusement - and, at this point, I think most people watching at home are probably thinking: "why would you even volunteer to do that?"

Once he's made it through the filthy lyrics, Post asks the man what he thinks of them.

"Honestly?" he says. "I think you need Jesus."

Perhaps the sweetest encounter Post has, though, is with a lady who tells him she is an accountant. "That's what I wanna do," he tells her.

The punchline comes at the end of the skit, when Post gets "fired" for being bad at his job. He promptly throws down his hat, whips off his shirt, and storms out - much to the shock of the dozen or so customers that witness the incident.

Obviously, the whole prank was for a good cause, but it was great to see the musician make something fun out of the situation along the way. Hopefully, more people will see this video and donate to support Folds of Honor - and be in with the chance of winning a Bentley, of course.

Oh, and Post - if you ever feel like going undercover in another record store near us, we'd be delighted to hear your "filthy" lyrics anytime.