Rebel Wilson and Keanu Reeves' mom's awkward handshake on Oscars red carpet is hard to watch

Rebel Wilson and Keanu Reeves' mom's awkward handshake on Oscars red carpet is hard to watch

It's no secret that award shows tend to act as lightning rods for awkwardness. Seriously, at every red carpet event, with the cameras recording every movement, gesture and speech made by the stars, it's kinda hard to avoid stumbling into the realm of the cringeworthy.

Indeed, it's probably the meet-and-greets which are the most difficult. Think about how many people your average celebrity will be forced to say hello to, let alone how many names they'd have to remember, and with the whole world watching, it's all too easy for things to go wrong.

Watch Keanu Reeves present the Oscars below: 

For instance, a video of Keanu Reeves, his mom, and Australian actress Rebel Wilson has gone viral, which shows her inadvertently snubbing Keanu's mother when she went in for a handshake.

The toe-curling moment was recorded on camera by E! News, which was covering the arrival of the various guests to the Dolby Theatre. At one point, John Wick actor Keanu Reeves (who was co-hosting the event alongside Diane Keaton) bumped into James Corden and Rebel Wilson, while being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest.

Keanu's mother Patricia Taylor (a costume designer) can be seen moving forward to greet Rebel. Patricia appears to extends her hand, then there's an awkward pause, and then Rebel tries to do the same, and then Patricia seems to back away again. Awkward!

However, plenty of Twitter users out there thought it was adorable that Keanu had chosen to take his mother to the Oscars, and the Matrix star's many fans showed their appreciation by commenting on the pictures of them together

However, one moment that might just be even better than this one is teen singing sensation Billie Eilish's reaction to Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph's hilarious Oscars skit.